The Entropy Centre

Ho ho, The Entropy Centre player. So you thought the test chambers were tricky back in Act 7? Well Act 11 offers up some real doozies as well. For instance, Puzzle 1103 makes use of jump panels, transformers, conveyors and more. This one makes you think in a lot of different directions at all, and it can seem a little overwhelming at first.

But take a deep breath, fellow problem-solver, and relax. I’m going to walk you through this one.

So, you only have one cube in this puzzle, but you also have a transformer, which will make the regular cube into a laser cube or a jump cube. You’re going to need all of these various forms in order to solve the puzzle.

Rather than trying to explain it all in words, how about I just show you a video of me solving it?

Make sense?

After you solve Puzzle 1103 in The Entropy Centre, you will then be asked to solve Puzzle 1104, which is another head-scratcher. In fact, this one really halted my progress, since I was playing a pre-release build of the game and had no access whatsoever to any guides of any kind. Yeah, I was fumbling in the dark on this one.

As I was monkeying around, I actually came up with a half dozen possible solutions, but there were two main obstacles getting in my way:

  • The beams of light that reset your gun’s memory.
  • The fact that the gun only has 38.1 seconds of memory for any object.

It was that second point that really did me in, as many of my solutions involved moving the cube around into various positions, which were too far apart to be able to rewind all of them in one go.

I did figure it out eventually, though. Here’s the video:

As you can see, the trick is to find the shortest possible route for the cube — it must be less than 38.1 seconds long. If you can figure out the proper path, the rest of the pieces of this puzzle kind of just fall into place.

And there you have it. These are the solutions to Puzzle 1103 and Puzzle 1104 in The Entropy Centre.

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