The Entropy Centre

In The Entropy Centre, Puzzle 1105 can be a real head-scratcher. It’s one of those puzzles where it kind of feels like you’re one cube short of being able to solve it. But don’t worry, fellow Junior Puzzle Operative. I’ve got you covered with my full walkthrough of Puzzle 1105.

First up, you want to pick up the laser cube and place it on the button pad. Now, grab the bridge cube and use the springboard to bounce up to the elevated platform across from the exit. Point the bridge at the exit; this will be the cube’s final resting place.

Now, you want to move the bridge cube onto the button pad, then place it on the conveyor belt so it transforms into a jump cube. The jump cube should be blocking a laser beam, disabling the Time-Gate above. (Note that sometimes it doesn’t quite land perfectly; if this happens, just try again.)

Pick up the jump cube and place it on the button pad again. Use the springboard to bounce you and the laser cube up to the platform, then use the jump cube below to bounce you across the gap. Now you can position the laser cube near the receiver so that the exit gate is open.

Rewind the jump cube back to its position on the button pad so you can use the springboard to get back up. (Alternatively, you could use the jump cube to get back across the gap.)

Now rewind the bridge cube back to its position where it’s pointed at the exit and walk on outta there.

You can see me walkthrough the full puzzle in the video below:

And that’s how you solve Puzzle 1105 in The Entropy Centre to complete Act 11 of the game.

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