Evil Dead: The Game - Ash and Pablo, the Ghost Beaters

The Evil Dead series is beloved amongst many horror fans. It’s campy, sure, but it’s also gory, brilliantly acted, and full of heart. That’s why Evil Dead: The Game is such a cool little project. It’s a four-versus-one online multiplayer game set in the universe of the titular film franchise. The cool thing about it is that, fan service aside, it’s actually a really fun time. And though it’s hard to say that it necessarily dethrones Dead by Daylight, it’s still an awesome game for fans of the series and a truly enjoyable (and legit scary) horror game.

Evil Dead: The Game is very much an objectives-focused multiplayer game. If you’re playing as Ash Williams, Pablo, Kelly, or one of the other heroes, it’s you against the Deadites. You’ll have to collect the tools necessary to defeat the armies of evil. Scattered across the level are three pieces of a map, a page from the Necronomicon, and the ancient Kandarian Dagger. Each time you find one of these items, you’ll have to battle Deadites alongside your compadres and stay alive for a specific amount of time.

Once you’ve collected the items, you’ll then face off against the Dark Ones, evil demons who are out to end the world. Defeat them, and it’s defense time as you protect the Book of the Dead from the enemy player and their Army of Darkness.

Evil Dead: The Game Art

As a survivor, you’ve got access to all kinds of firearms and melee weapons. There are multiple character classes, so some heroes are better with specific weapons. In addition, not every player can employ the same strategy. Some players are better as tanks while others can cheer their partners on and boost their stats. This adds a nice level of depth to Evil Dead: The Game and makes it really cool to experiment with (and ultimately learn how to use) multiple characters.

If you’re playing as the Deadites, you’re constantly on the attack and have to ensure you foil the survivors’ plans of fending you off. Basically, you’ve got to be as tenacious and as pesky as you can be to slow their progress and ultimately stop them from stopping you.

Like in the Evil Dead movies, you get to enjoy this cool, speedy first-person movement (when you play as the Deadites) as you make your way through dark forests and other creepy environments. You’ll also eventually get to control your army of Deadites, which means you can go head-to-head with Ash and friends.

Gameplay in Evil Dead: The Game is fast and fun, but it’s also smart. You can’t just rush in and try to blast your way through the Deadites. Likewise, if you’re playing as the demons, you’ll have to attack wisely and pick off those do-gooders one-by-one. The mix of methodical gameplay and faster-paced action creates a nice clash of styles that keeps you on the alert at all times and forces you to play as best you can, both for yourself and your teammates.

Evil Dead: The Game - Lord Arthur from Army of Darkness

Visually, Evil Dead: The Game is accurately in line with the dark, bloody, and gory nature of the films and TV series. You’ll bash Deadites’ heads in and see blood splatter all over the place. It’s pretty awesome.

There’s also a nice unsettling mood to the game. Though the series is more horror-comedy than super-serious horror, it does revolve around a group of friends saving the world from powerful demons, which is ultimately kind of heavy. So while there’s plenty of fun to be had — and a bunch of funny one-liners — Evil Dead: The Game still does a good job of creating a haunting atmosphere and eerie tone.

It might go on to be one of the year’s most underrated titles, but Evil Dead: The Game is truly a wonderful licensed horror game experience. It emulates the look and feel of the films and TV show, it’s a great deal of fun, and it’s actually pretty scary at times. This is very possibly some of the most fun you’ll have with a multiplayer horror game that isn’t Dead by Daylight. Yup, Evil Dead: The Game is pretty damn groovy.

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11 months ago

LOL….Its not even the best game in its genre, let alone anything close to a GOTY…..I get it you like Evil Dead, I also like the Evil Dead movies but the game is pretty shallow and garbage. Just like Friday the 13th, most likely the Killer Klowns game, Texas Chainsaw game, Predator Hunting Grounds and all the other full price garbage MP only, pathetic SP “challenges” that keep getting made

11 months ago

Resident Evil Resistance is much better.

11 months ago

Easily the best visuals from Evil Dead ever brought to a game, and the maps are killer. I’m usually more of a single player fan, and more of an Evil Dead fan than a gamer, but I fuckin love this game

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