Hitman 3 - Freelancer

I’m not going to lie: I can get super obsessive about the video games I like. I mean, what kind of sane person posts a 10,000-word guide to dealing with griefers in Red Dead Online? Or a complete guide to every doggone unlock in Hitman 3?

Well, I just happen to be one of those weirdos who does that stuff. Thankfully, I have a website to post this stuff to, otherwise I’d just be obsessing over this stuff in isolation where it would be lost to the world forever.

If you’ve been reading Half-Glass Gaming for a while now, you probably know that I recently got to check out the closed beta for Hitman 3‘s new Freelancer Mode. Well, “check out” is something of an understatement, as I spent no less than 30 hours with the beta, which was only active for a few days. And I completely fell in love with it. Freelancer is a brand-new way to play Hitman 3, an extraction-style mode where the stuff you pick up on a mission can be brought back to your stash, but the stuff you have on you when you die is gone forever (or gone until you can find a way to earn it back, anyway).

This high-risk, high-reward gameplay loop is one that fits Hitman extremely well. The only problem is that the mode doesn’t come out until the end of January, and I’m writing this toward the beginning of December. Yeah, sometimes being a fan of a particular video game just looks like this:

Waiting Meme

This is not a new experience. I remember how hard I was itching to play Dragon Quest Builders after dipping my toes into the early demo. I couldn’t stop thinking about the next thing I wanted to build after the next set of unlocks, which were currently out of reach because the demo ended before I was given access to them.

And, I mean, anyone who plays games is probably familiar with being in school or at work and just watching the clock, waiting for that glorious moment when you can head home and blow off some steam in your current favorite game.

So all I can do is bide my time for the next month and a half, and try to find something else to keep me occupied for that time.

You know what? I’ve been eyeballing Skyrim again

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