Kukoos: Lost Pets - Jellysteve Inc

In Kukoos: Lost Pets, the second (non-tutorial) world is called Apocalypticoach, and the final stage of this world is called Jellysteve Inc., Your Pet Coach! In this stage, you must face off against a giant pink mushroom squid who wants to smash you to bits.

At first, this fight seems kind of tricky. In fact, this is where I earned the Willpower Trophy (which requires you to die 10 times on a single boss). But then I figured out a good pattern and a good rhythm, and the fight was suddenly pretty easy. I managed to also score the Boss Trophy here, for beating the boss without taking damage.

And here’s a fun fact: I was the first person to earn the Cosmopolitan Trophy for completing the Apocalypticoach world, which means I was the first person on a PlayStation console to beat this boss. And that, of course, means I was also the first person to get a no-damage run on this boss, because when I popped the Boss Trophy, I noticed that I was still the only person to have gotten Cosmopolitan. Yeah, it’s largely because I got my review code super early, but it does feel like an accomplishment. Don’t try to take that away from me!

Kukoos: Lost Pets - Jellysteve Inc

Anyway, I’ll walk you through the basic strategy for the Jellysteve Inc. boss, and I think you’ll be doing no-damage runs in no time.

There are essentially two phases here, and each phase has two variants. Once you know all four options, you will be prepared for every single attack this squid dude can do.

First up, he smashes a tentacle into the platform that you’re running on. To dodge this, make sure you are running when he slams the tentacle down, then very quickly turn around and activate your Aztuc pet (R1 if you’re on PlayStation). Then use the slam move (R2 on PlayStation) to deal damage to the tentacle.

The alternate version of this phase has three tentacles instead of one, though he’ll never do the three-tentacle attack as the first move. The key difference between these two attacks is that the one-tentacle version has a delay before the smash, and the three-tentacle version smashes down much more quickly. So if he raises one tentacle, know that you’ve got a little bit of time before the smash. If he raises three, start running ASAP.

For reference, this is the boss preparing for the one-tentacle smash:

Kukoos: Lost Pets - Jellysteve Inc

And this is the boss preparing for the three-tentacle smash:

Kukoos: Lost Pets - Jellysteve Inc

The other thing to know about this phase is that the deeper you get into the fight, the quicker the three-tentacle move is (it’s almost instant the final time), and the longer the one-tentacle delay time is (if you run too early, you might run out of platform).

The other phase is a tentacle swipe, and there will be multiple swipes in a row. This is actually super easy to dodge so long as you activate Aztuc before any of the swipes happen. There are two possible swipes. One is a low swipe, which will be signaled by the platform turning red. Downward-pointing arrows will also appear on the pedestal.

Kukoos: Lost Pets - Jellysteve Inc

The other one is a high swipe, which is signaled by the platform turning green. There will also be upward-pointing arrows on the pedestal.

Kukoos: Lost Pets - Jellysteve Inc

Ideally, you won’t get hit by the low swipe if you’re standing on the platform, but this isn’t always true. If you set up Aztuc while dodging the three-tentacle smash, it’s possible that you’ll place the platform too low for the swipe to safely go beneath you. I have a tendency to jump over even the low swipes, just to be safe.

Just like the smash phase, these swipes will get faster as the fight progresses. The number of swipes will also increase every time you deal damage. I think they count up in multiples of two (so two, four, six, etc…) but I honestly haven’t counted the later swipe phases to make sure. It does seem like the first swipe phase will always be two and the second one will always be four. Whether the swipe will be high or low, though, seems completely random.

Now, there are some annoyances here. I’ve had times where I jumped a high swipe and it still hit me, and I’ve had other times where my character jumped toward the camera and fell off the edge of the platform. But as long as you don’t encounter these issues, the fight isn’t too difficult.

Here’s a video of the full fight, if you want to see all this in action:

And there you go. There’s a no-damage run on Jellysteve Inc., Your Pet Coach in Kukoos: Lost Pets. Good luck!

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