Kukoos: Lost Pets

Kukoos: Lost Pets is a game in which your pets give you special abilities. It can be kind of hard to keep track of all the various abilities throughout the game, because you’ll keep swapping out pets as you progress through the game.

Eventually, you’ll reach a stage in the second world titled Kukoomand or Be Commanded! In this level, you’re asked to break a pane of glass. There’s a hint that says: “It’s like Gramma always says: sometimes you gotta break the glass to pass.” However, Gramma doesn’t tell you how to do that.

The pet you have at the time is called Aztuc, and it has a special move that will help you do just that. So how does Aztuc break glass? Well, read on and I’ll walk you through it. I should point out that I played Kukoos: Lost Pets on PS5, so I’m going to use the PlayStation version of the controls for this guide.

To activate your current pet, you press the R1 button.

Kukoos: Lost Pets

Pets also have a secondary ability that is activated with the R2 button. Aztuc’s secondary ability causes him to smash down onto the ground. If you perform this move over a glass panel, the panel will shatter.

If you want to see this in action, I made a video:

Now, in the beginning of this stage, you can actually get around the glass panels simply by jumping off toward the screen, then using Aztuc to help you swing down into the space below. However, by the end of this stage, you’re going to need to know how to do the smash move, because there’s a spot that you won’t be able to get through without using that smash move on a button.

And there you go. That’s how you break the glass in the Kukoomand or Be Commanded! level in Kukoos: Lost Pets.

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