Mortal Shell Switch

Mortal Shell has always had this cool, low-key vibe to it. The game was an unexpected hit when it first launched in 2020, delivering a Soulslike adventure that was challenging, moody, and captivating. Then it received a surprising DLC drop that included a new character class, an added weapon, and a brand-new roguelite mode that made revisiting the game feel like a brand new experience. Well, here we are more than two years later, and Mortal Shell has surprised us yet again with a Nintendo Switch stealth release that’s pretty freakin’ awesome.

The reason Mortal Shell is such a great game is because it understands what makes a Soulslike. It has a rich, dark atmosphere. It’s filled with bits of lore to build its mysterious world. And it offers up satisfying stamina-based combat that’s as challenging as it is precise.

There are three main dungeons to clear in Mortal Shell. The game’s world is small, but it allows you to roam freely. There’s a massive sense of discovery here, and if you allow yourself to just let go and explore to your heart’s content, you’ll find new weapons and different character classes tucked away in the game’s fog-laden world.

Mortal Shell Nintendo Switch Gameplay

While there is an order that you should tackle the dungeons in (on account of your player experience and your character’s upgrades), you can take them on however you like. These dungeons are filled with enemies, traps, and obstacles. You’ll encounter all kinds of enemies — grunts, behemoths, monsters. There are also tough mini-bosses that’ll give you a run for your money. You’ll ultimately face off against the dungeons’ main bosses in highly challenging battles that will truly test you.

All of the things that made Mortal Shell so incredible on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC translate wonderfully to the Nintendo Switch version. Combat and exploration are smooth and methodical. Visually, the game looks pretty solid, too. The resolution is a little lower on Switch, but thanks to the game’s darker art direction, it doesn’t suffer much and still looks pretty solid.

In addition to the main campaign, this version of Mortal Shell also includes The Virtuous Cycle, the game’s DLC that features a new weapon, class, and roguelite mode. This is the complete package here, so between the different playable classes, the main mode, and the addictive roguelite component, you’re treated to a whole lot of content. And the best part is that it’s all really dope content.

Mortal Shell Boss Fight

In terms of performance, Mortal Shell on Switch is just about stellar. I say “just about” because, while I rarely encountered any issues, there was one instance where the game’s framerate dipped considerably. This was in an area that was heavily populated by fast-moving enemies. They were everywhere — in front of me, behind me, and even above me. There were quite a few, and their movements were erratic — this all caused the game to slow down and become a bit choppy. It was still functional, and I didn’t have any trouble clearing the area, but the slowdown was noticeable.

Personally, I’ve managed to fall in love with Mortal Shell four separate times. The first was when I played and reviewed it for another site. The second was when I played it just to revisit it and enjoy the adventure all over again. The third was when I played through The Virtuous Cycle on the PS4 version. And now, I’ve managed to become completely enamored with the game all over again, this time on Switch.

If you want a version of Mortal Shell that you can take everywhere with you, well, your wish has been granted (I played the game on my TV in docked mode, as well as on my Switch Lite, and I loved how the game looked on that smaller screen too). On the other hand, if you never played Mortal Shell and you need a top tier Soulslike on Nintendo Switch, Mortal Shell is about as great (and challenging) as they come.

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