Among the many surprises at this year’s Game Awards was a new, lengthy trailer for Replaced, from developer Sad Cat Studios and publisher Coatsink. Replaced looks to be a side-scrolling pixel-art cyberpunk game that looks heavy on the narrative and adult themes, with a healthy dose of action,

I was immediately impressed by the announcement trailer that released last year, but since then it has been pretty quiet on the western front. Until now, that is, with the release of the new trailer that only got me more excited to get my hands on this game. My burning love for the cyberpunk genre was first ignited with Blade Runner: 2049, and only further stoked by games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Stray. Now my appetite is reaching a crescendo, and Replaced looks like such a delicious feast.

Unfortunately, there is still no solid release date for Replaced, only a blanket 2023 window. But considering it is almost 2023 already, that at least means we are getting closer (barring any unforeseen delays, of course). I will save you the play-by-play and simply suggest you check out the trailer yourself.

The art is captivating and the mood is so very evocative of movies like the aforementioned Blade Runner: 2049, but it also gives me some strong Backbone vibes. I’m sure some of that is due to the similar art style and format, but there also appears to be a similar focus on a mature-themed slow-burn narrative.

You can also add Replaced to your Steam wishlist, should you choose, as this will keep in you in the loop and show your interest in the game.

And now, we simply wait. For although time is finite and ever eroding, the excitement I feel will never be… Replaced. Huh… There’s a little poetry for you right there.

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