Hitman - Street Art Pack

It’s official: Hitman 3 is now Hitman: World of Assassination, and the much-anticipated Freelancer Mode is here to enjoy. Life is good.

Up until this week, it was unclear what IO Interactive’s plans were for the game beyond this point, but I think that they’re going to keep supporting Freelancer Mode with small DLC packs from time to time. And my evidence for this is the fact that they’ve already added two paid DLC packs to the game, the Street Art Pack and the Makeshift Pack.

These both seem to have released with little fanfare, as I can’t find a post about this anywhere, not even on IO’s official website. In fact, I struggled to even find the packs in the PlayStation Store (you can find them by searching “Hitman” in the PS Store’s search bar, but the packs don’t show up when you simply visit the game’s default page on the PlayStation store).

Hitman - Street Art Pack

The Street Art Pack comes with a bunch of graffitied-up items. Here’s a list:

  • The Concrete Assault Rifle (Rare)
  • The Concrete Shotgun (Rare)
  • The Concrete Bat (Epic)
  • The Concrete Bunny Pistol (Epic)
  • The Shark SMG (Legendary)
  • The Concrete Sniper Rifle (Legendary)
  • The Graffiti Hoody Suit (Freelancer)
Hitman - Makeshift Pack

The Makeshift Pack, on the other hand, comes with a bunch of taped-together items that look like they might just fall apart. Here’s a list:

  • The Scrappy Sniper Rifle (Rare)
  • The Makeshift Scrap Shotgun (Rare)
  • The Makeshift Scrap Assault Rifle (Epic)
  • The Scrap SMG (Epic)
  • The Scrap Gun (Epic)
  • The Makeshift Katana (Legendary)
  • The Scrap Poncho Suit (Freelancer)

Note that both packs also come with cosmetic upgrades for your Safehouse. Weapons will have to be discovered/purchased out in the game world if you want to store them on your weapons wall in Freelancer Mode, but you will have immediate access to them in other game modes.

I can only speculate that this will be Hitman: World of Assassination‘s monetization model for the foreseeable future. And honestly, I don’t think that’s a bad choice. Considering they’ve been supporting this game on an almost-weekly basis with fresh content for more than two years at this point, I don’t mind them finding new ways to fund continued content support. Bring it on, I say.

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8 months ago

i purchased street art pack but it says i have to reach level 27 to upgrade my furniture but in the description it says it comes with the pack so im confused

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