Bleak Sword DX Indie Game

Back in 2019, a stylish little hack-and-slash game titled Bleak Sword was released on iOS. Developed by more8bit and published by Devolver Digital, the game is now being prepped for release on Nintendo Switch and PC.

Bleak Sword DX will be an updated version of the 2019 original, and it’ll feature some cool new extras. For starters, it’s going to include all original content plus three DLC chapters. In addition, this DX edition will have a randomizer mode that lets you play a remixed version of the game where anything goes and nothing is guaranteed. Rounding out the package is a boss rush mode for the truly masochistic.

It’s cool seeing Bleak Sword DX getting a release on Switch and PC. The game’s diorama-themed visuals are super stylish and moody, and they look pretty great. And whether you’re playing on your TV or on the go on Switch (or Steam Deck), it’ll be cool seeing the level layouts on screens of all sizes. And to make things even snazzier, DX will offer new effects and filters, giving you more visual variety this time around.

You can expect to see Bleak Sword DX and its brand of dark, cursed diorama action on Nintendo Switch and PC later in 2023.

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