Hatup Video Game

A few months before delivering Game Boy-like 2D platforming with Pocket Witch, developer Naoka Games released another game titled Hatup. It was… pretty much the same thing as Pocket Witch turned out to be. But that’s not a bad thing, because it’s quite a bit of fun. Well, for its one-hour runtime, that is.

Now, we’re not quite sure why the team at Naoka Games keeps making these micro-sized budget platformers, but hey, it works! Hatup is neat, and its 30 levels are actually a little better than its successor’s. We’re not knocking Pocket Witch, but Hatup offers up a slightly more challenging experience and a cool little gimmick.

Hatup Gameplay

In Hatup, you’ll have to reach the exit door in each level. This means avoiding spikes and enemies, but you’ll also have to complete minor puzzles. Most stages require you to collect color-coded keys that open up different barriers. While the first few stages are set within a single screen, the majority require you to move between two different screens, which can make things a little tricky (in a good way).

Before you’re able to exit the stage, you’ll have to collect a hat for your character — hence the title Hatup. If you reach the door without your hat, you won’t be able to exit, so it’s important that you snag that stylish piece of headwear.

The hat also triggers certain blocks that will either impede your movement or create platforms that allow you to reach different areas. Eventually, it becomes somewhat of a juggling act as you try to figure out when to wear the hat and when to drop it. It’s nothing impossible, but it makes for a decent puzzle-y challenge.

Hatup Switch

Hatup shares the same graphical style as Naoka’s other 2D games, Pocket Witch and Saomi. It’s like a charming cross between a Game Boy Color game and a Flash game. The game’s level of charm extends to its audio. The one theme song you hear throughout the entirety of the game is surprisingly catchy and nice to listen to — though it’s probably for the best that you’ll only listen to it loop for an hour.

At $5, Hatup is a good value. It’s a short game, but it doesn’t need to be any longer than it is. And if you really want more of this style of old school platformer, you can always keep the fun going with Pocket Witch and Saomi!

Disclaimer: I was given a review code for Hatup on Nintendo Switch, but the opinions expressed in this article are my own.

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