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“Well, that was nice!” Those are the words I’d use to describe Pocket Witch, a 2D platformer that looks and feels like something from the Game Boy era.

Pocket Witch, developed by Naoka Games and Pufferfish Digital, is a fast and fun platformer. It’s something that won’t take up much of your time. This is the type of game you could beat in one sitting — in about 45 minutes, to be exact. As such, it’s a great option to take with you on the go, much like you would have a Game Boy game back in the ‘90s.

The premise of Pocket Witch is simple: You have to get through 30 levels, avoiding obstacles, traps, and enemies, as well as solving light puzzles later in the game. The game’s challenge never verges on demanding, but it will test you from time to time. It can get tough in parts, but it’s never frustrating, and it’s always a good deal of fun.

Pocket Witch Switch

You’ve got a double-jump and a dash, and you’ll use these moves quite often to avoid death by spike trap, get around enemy projectiles, and reach high places. No, Pocket Witch doesn’t exactly do anything revolutionary, but it’s not trying to. This is a charming and entertaining little platformer that you play because you love charming and entertaining little platformers.

Honestly, Pocket Witch is the perfect title for this game, because it’s pretty much a great game to play when you’re out of the house. Levels are snappy and quick, and they’ll take you just a few minutes to clear. The whole thing is reminiscent of the Game Boy or Game Boy Color, and there were times when the game reminded me of Super Mario Land.

Speaking of which, Super Mario Land — which is an awesome game and should be heralded as an all-time portable great — was just about an hour in length, too. And that was back when Game Boy games were like 30 bucks. So it’s impossible to knock Pocket Witch for lasting just about the same length of time while having a reasonable $5 price tag on Nintendo Switch.

Pocket Witch Game

The art style of Pocket Witch is simple but cheery, and it’s overall pretty nice to look at. It’s a little smoother and less pixel-y than what you’d see on a Game Boy screen, but its simplicity is definitely a throwback to those handheld titles. Maybe the devs should’ve gone all-in with a more sprite-based aesthetic, but the cleaner visuals work well here.

No one is going to consider Pocket Witch a game of the year contender. It’s simply not that type of game. It is, however, a cool micro-sized platformer that you’ll play in between games or when you’re out and about. It’s a solid choice for killing time, truthfully. The game literally does nothing wrong, so if you enjoy the genre, and if you maybe want to play something that’ll remind you of classic ‘90s platformers, you should give it a look!

Disclaimer: I was given a review code for Pocket Witch on Nintendo Switch, but the opinions expressed in this article are my own.

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