Terra Nil

Terra Nil is a game where you reclaim desolate wastelands for Mother Nature. Along the way, you’ll even discover some friendly critters!

In Terra Nil, there is a Steam achievement called Minecraft Rocks! The description for this achievement is hidden, which means you’ll have to figure it out on your own. Or not, because I’ve unlocked the achievement, and I can walk you through how I did it.

Once you unlock the achievement, the description reads: “Create rock by causing lava and river to meet.” If you’ve played a lot of Minecraft, you probably know this as a tried and true method for creating obsidian (with some cobblestone on the side), but in Terra Nil, you can only create rock. Of course, rock is extremely valuable in Terra Nil, since it lets you create windmills, which generate power.

Anyway, I found that the best place to earn this is on the Abandoned Quarry map, because it includes plenty of geysers and plenty of riverbeds, both of which you’ll need for this achievement.

In order to unlock the Abandoned Quarry, you’ll have to complete the main story. Once you do that, the Abandoned Quarry can be found in the Temperate region.

Now, you’re looking for a geyser next to a river tile, like this:

Terra Nil - Minecraft Rocks

You need to break open the geyser to unleash the lava below it. You can do this easily with an Excavator. Note that this doesn’t seem to work with a Seismic Detonator for some reason. You’ll want to set up an Excavator as shown in the image below:

Terra Nil - Minecraft Rocks

The Excavator’s path must cross directly over the geyser for this to work. Once the Excavator blasts a trench across the marked area, the lava beneath the geyser will come to the surface. Once that lava touches the water, it will form rock.

Terra Nil - Minecraft Rocks

And that’s how you unlock the Minecraft Rocks! achievement in Terra Nil. Good luck, fellow terraformers!

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