Beyond Contact

In Beyond Contact, there is a quest called We Want Trade, which asks you to collect a number of items and then deliver them to the market. If you’re new to the game, you might be struggling to figure out where you can find all these things. So I’m going to walk you through every single item that you need for this quest.

One thing I should point out is that there have been some different versions of this quest in the past. If you played Beyond Contact in Early Access, then your version of We Want Trade might have been substantially different than this. The version I’m walking through today is from version 1.0, which launched on April 4, 2023.

Where to pick up the We Want Trade quest

Beyond Contact

Before you start this quest, you’re going to have to find the proper NPC. Thankfully, you should be somewhat guided by quest markers. The quest that guides you to the proper location is called Journey to the Ruins. This sends you into some alien ruins, where you’ll find a race of crab people.

I can’t give you the location, because as far as I can tell, the terrain is randomly generated. However, there should be quest markers to follow. Once you complete Journey to the Ruins, you can make your way to the market, where you’ll find the quest giver. The market should be marked by a bag icon on your map (and it should be located inside the ruins).

Beyond Contact

I don’t know if the NPC names are randomly generated or static, but my shopkeeper was named Monton Olke. When you talk to the shopkeeper, you’ll get the We Want Trade quest, which asks you to collect three sets of items:

  • 2 Crog Hides
  • 2 Captured Chitterlings
  • 3 Kepple Fruit Plants

You’ll bring all of these items back to the shopkeeper once you’ve collected them, and you can turn them in using the “Trade” option. But first, of course, you must find all this stuff. So let’s tackle them one at a time.

Find the Open Plains biome

Beyond Contact

First, you’ll want to be in the Open Plains biome. This is the area where the grass is a bluish green, and it will contain everything you need in order to complete this quest.

How to get 2 Crog Hides

Beyond Contact - Crog

There are two different type of Crog: your standard run-of-the-mill Crog, and your hearty Bull Crog. Regular Crogs are bluish purple and smaller, while Bull Crogs are a reddish purple color and larger than the other Crogs. You can see both types in the image above (the Bull Crog is on the right).

It’s important to know the difference, because Bull Crogs are super aggressive, and they will attack you on site. The other Crogs are passive, though, and you can walk by them without them caring too much. It’s the basic Crogs that you want to shoot for. They’re still super tough, but they’re nearly as tough as the Bull Crogs.

I found the best method for attack was setting up a few turrets, then goading a Crog into them with a whip. The Crog would get confused about whether to attack me and the turret, giving me a quick second where I could safely attack with the whip, and then I would sort of dance aside whenever the Crog started an attack animation. The Crogs do signal their attack paths with red marks, so you can dodge if you’re quick.

This might take a few tries, but thankfully a single Crog should drop enough hides for you to complete the quest. Plus, you’ll get some Crog meat as a bonus, which you can cook in a stove and produce some decently powerful healing snacks.

Good luck with this one!

How to capture 2 Chitterlings

Beyond Contact - Chitterling

Chitterlings are little pillbug-like critters that scurry around in the grass. They look like this:

Beyond Contact - Chitterling

You can find them in pretty much any low-level biome, but since you’re already in the Open Plains, you might as well look for them here.

You will need to craft at least two nets for this (and you might want to craft a third just to be safe). This is a low-level crafting recipe (found in the first tier of Research under the Exploration tab), and each net can be made from:

  • Tamber Cloth
  • 2 Sparkstone

Now you’ll need to catch Chitterlings in your nets, which isn’t as intuitive as it seems at first. Well, at least not if you’ve played a ton of Don’t Starve (like I have). See, in Don’t Starve, you can capture rabbits by setting out traps for them. You just have to set up the trap and wait. That doesn’t work for Chitterlings in Beyond Contact, though. Believe me, I tried. Even though you can set a net down on the ground, it won’t automatically capture creatures; you have to do it manually.

Beyond Contact

When you select a net in your inventory, you will see two circles appear on the ground. The large one marks the range that you can throw, and the small one marks the area where your net will land. You can move the small circle all the way past the outer edge of the large circle.

If you’re using an Xbox controller, you’ll activate aim mode by pressing LT, and then you’ll deploy the net using RT.

You’ll need to approach a Chitterling so it’s just barely in range of your net. This means it will be just slightly outside the larger circle. Once you do that, line up the small circle and toss the net. Your aim doesn’t have to be exact, but it needs to land at least close to the target for it to count. If you miss, you can pick up the net and try again, but keep in mind that this will cause the net to degrade a little bit (I believe it’s 3% degradation per miss).

Note that if you get too close, you’ll frighten the Chitterling, and it will run off and perhaps burrow into the ground. So you’ll need to be quick, but you’ll also need to be careful.

Also, once you catch two Chitterlings, you’ll want to rush back to the merchant and turn them in right away. If you have a creature in a net for too long, it will eventually burst out and escape.

How to find 3 Kepple Fruit Plants

Beyond Contact - Kepple Plant

Okay, so there’s an easy way to do this, and then there’s a hard way to do this. I’ll walk you through both of them.

The easy way is to simply find three Kepple Plants and dig them up using a shovel. Kepple Plants can be found pretty abundantly in the Open Plains biome, and the shovel can be researched after you’ve researched the Research Chip III. It’s located in the Exploration tab, and it’s labeled Excavation Equipment.

Beyond Contact - Shovel

Once researched, the Lightweight Shovel can be crafted out of 2 Tamber Rope and 5 Feron Ore.

Beyond Contact

The hard way, though, is to craft the plants from scratch.

This requires:

  • 4 Organic Data
  • 4 Nutritious Seed
  • 3 Rich Soil

You’ll also need to have built a Botany Laboratory, and you can only craft the plants in close proximity to it.

The Organic Data is pretty easy, since you can acquire it by collecting pretty much any plant. The Nutritious Seeds are also pretty easy, as you can harvest them from Kepple Plants, Gomble Cacti, and Narnip Sprouts. Note that not ever single plant will produce seeds, but these three types of plant produce Nutritious Seeds occasionally.

The last ingredient is Nutritious Soil, which can be dug up using the Lightweight Shovel. Occasionally, you will find Soil Mounds. They just look like a small hill of brown dirt.

Beyond Contact

If you find one of these mounds, equip your Lightweight Shovel and dig up some dirt. Note that Nutritious Soil will rot over time, so you’ll want to use it quickly before it has a chance to decompose entirely.

Once you have all three ingredients, bring them to a Botany Laboratory and combine them to make a Kepple Plant. You will need three Kepple Plants for this quest.

And that should do it. Once you have all three items, you can return to the merchant and trade them all in. And that will complete the We Want Trade quest in Beyond Contact.

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