In Dead Island 2, there’s a type of side quest called Lost & Found, which ask you to follow a trail of clues to find some loot or a missing person. Once you complete the quest “Boardwalking Dead,” a Lost & Found quest called “Fool’s Gold” becomes available.

This one can be picked up inside the lifeguard tower, located right here in Santa Monica (A.K.A. The Pier):

Dead Island 2 - Fool's Gold

In the room with the busted staircase (which you’ll climb by jumping on a truck), you’ll find a Crusher named Dante. Kill him to take the “Totally Legit Letter” from him. Once you read the letter, the “Fool’s Gold” quest will begin.

For your first clue, you should read the letter that you just acquired.

Dead Island 2 - Totally Legit Letter

As you can see, two guys named Dante and Randy were hiding something in a locker. This — and the smelly socks — clue you in on where to look. You need to go right around the corner from where you killed Dante, into the gym. The locker in question is here.

Dead Island 2 - Fool's Gold

When you open the correct locker, you’ll find another letter. Read this one to figure out your next step.

Dead Island 2 - Fool's Gold

This one gives you a ton of information. First up, there’s a safe that was buried outside the lifeguard tower, and you even have the first piece of the combination. To get the other two numbers, you need to figure out where both Randy and Dante went off too. Thankfully, the letter gives you this information as well.

First up, go to the “alley behind the stores” to get your next clue. Here’s where it is on your map:

Dead Island 2 - Fool's Gold

You might have to clean up some zombies, but once they’re taken care of, you should find another clue. This one is pretty long, but at least it gets you another piece of the combination.

Dead Island 2 - Flaws in the Plan
Dead Island 2 - Flaws in the Plan
Dead Island 2 - Flaws in the Plan

For the next one, you’ll want to go out to the Ferris wheel on the end of the pier. There’s an ice cream shop there, and the next clue is tucked away behind that shop on a bench.

Dead Island 2 - Fool's Gold

This message is actually kind of worthless.

Dead Island 2 - Meeting of the Minds

Even so, once you collect it, you’ll have completed R-J-B-D’s Secret Code, which unlocks the hidden safe.

Now you just have to find the safe (which is buried in the sand near the lifeguard tower where all this began).

Dead Island 2 - Buried Safe

Before you open the safe, though, you’ll have to fight off a particularly aggressive wave of zombies. Once they’re taken care of, the reward is finally yours.

Dead Island 2 - Buried Safe

Open the safe to collect the Blood Rage dagger and the Superior Melee Liquidator Mod blueprint.

And that’s how you complete the “Fool’s Gold” Lost & Found quest in Dead Island 2.

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