Pantsgate: There Is a Severe Pants Shortage in Mist Survival

Mist Survival

When you first start playing Mist Survival, if you angle your view downward at the portions of your character’s body, you can see from your first-person perspective that your character is wearing a pair of dark jeans and dark boots.

Mist Survival

Yet if you venture into the equipment tab in the inventory menu, you will see that your character is actually wearing nothing but a pair of tighty-whiteys… er, tighty-grays?

Mist Survival

This isn’t unheard of in survival games. Heck, some games go one step further and start you out buck naked. This leaves you with the task of procuring some slick duds, which will also help keep your warmth meter in check. So when I started my first playthrough of Mist Survival, head out to procure some duds I did.

Eventually, I found a pair of boots, some gloves, a riot helmet and flak jacket, and a snazzy t-shirt. But no pants. No matter where I searched (granted, I haven’t searched everywhere yet), but I have searched high, middle, and mostly low. But no pants. Everyone else is running around in pants and yet here I am, fully kitted out aside from my skivvies.

“What the heck?” I thought. “Where are all the dang pants?”

Heck, I would even settle for two single pant legs, and would then just stitch them together to form one pants. There are sewing kits in the game, which sort of implies that I could do something along these lines.

Maybe I need to craft them. There is, after all, a clothing crafting menu at the workbench. But no, that’s just two shirts and a pair of boots, which I already had. There doesn’t appear to be any additional clothing unlocked once you upgrade the workbench either.

So I did what any other good sleuth would do, I ventured to the internet to see if I could find any clues as to where the pants might be hiding. This is when I inadvertently stumbled into #pantsgate. That is to say, I hilariously discovered that pants in Mist Survival don’t seem to have been programmed yet.

I even found a community post on Steam, where Mist Survival creator Rati Wattanakornprasit chimes in to confirm there are indeed no pants, but they are eventually coming. This lead me to the even more hilarious conclusion that every person playing Mist Survival is currently running around in their briefs, as evidenced by sgtkitt’s post in the same thread:

dude come put some pants or at least cargo shorts in the came [sic] please. My wife is like why are you killing undead in your undies 🙂

So I guess for now we wait. I would use the old saying “keep your pants on” here, but that’s simply not yet possible. So keep your shirt on instead.

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