Against the Storm

Against the Storm is a gorgeous city-builder that features anthropomorphic animals and roguelite elements. It entered Early Access back in November, and I have to say, this feels extremely refined and fleshed-out for an Early Access game. It’s also insanely addictive. If you’re a fan of city-builder/management games at all, you really owe it to yourself to check this one out.

And perhaps the newest update, Sentinels of the Forest, will be enough to entice you to check this one out? Or maybe the fact that the game is on sale for $19.99 until April 27 will sweeten the pot for you?

Either way, the tentpole feature of the Sentinels of the Forest update is the game’s fifth playable race: Foxes. This was actually decided by a player poll back in February (though the decision has been causing a stir among conspiracy-minded fans). I’m fascinated by the lore of this race, as they seem to be forest-dwellers who’ve tapped into an ancient forest magic, which is always an intriguing premise. Here’s what the official press release says:

As a species that’s developed a close connection with the forest, the Foxes specialize in scouting and working with rainwater-fueled technologies. They also bring five new buildings including: dedicated Fox houses, a Tea House (for making tea), a Beanery, a Distillery, and a Tea Doctor (for healing people with tea).

Of course, all this comes with new buildings (mentioned in the previous paragraph), visual assets, perks, and events. The foxes also crave a new craftable resource: porridge.

Oh, and did I mention that the update is already live for anyone who owns the game?

You can read more about the new features in the official press release and on the update notes page on Steam, and you can check out the trailer for the Sentinels of the Forest update below.

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