Everspace 2

Everspace 2 was one of my favorite games to come out so far this year. I was kind of blindsided by just how doggone good it actually is. But its release wasn’t timed super great for me personally, because I had a lot of other stuff going on in my life at the time. And then Dead Island 2 came out, which I had been looking forward to for a very long time.

So Everspace 2 kind of fell off my radar for a bit.

But it’s back now, thanks to an accolades trailer that was released this morning. This trailer is just 35 seconds long, but it features blisteringly awesome space combat, raspy synth tones, and quotes from all of your favorite gaming outlets (except for Half-Glass Gaming, which is surely your favorite of them all, right?)

Here it is, so you can see for yourself:

All of this is giving me a serious itch to get back in the cockpit and shoot more space stuff. In fact, I might have to do just that. The call is strong and my resistance is weak. I know I’m supposed to be cleaning the apartment right now, but the dust bunnies can wait.

Anyway, Everspace 2 is out on PC right now, and it’s coming to consoles this summer. I’m definitely going to try to get a copy for PS5 so I can experience this whole journey again from the start. It’s a good one.

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