I’ve been playing Unrailed! pretty much nonstop since I first fired the thing up. Game after game, I’ve been getting my butt handed to me, yet I’ve managed to eke out one or two victories so far. One particularly salty single-player run ended with me being three tracks shy of victory, and through sheer mismanagement I had zero ore left on screen to make those three measly tracks.

I let the clock run out and took it on the chin. Undeterred, I would always return for one more run, emboldened to carry on.

But through all of this defeat, and through the rare yet gloriously sweet victory, one thing has remained constant: I cannot put my Switch down for longer than 15 minutes without going back in for one more run. It’s been a while since I last played a game that got its hooks in me so quickly.


And with each successive, compulsive run, I get a little bit wiser and a little more efficient. I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade now, like laying extra bridges next to the mainline so I can keep producing tracks over water. Or paying better attention to — and better maximizing the efficiency of — my trusty robot compatriot.

I ‘m currently experimenting with the bonus car leveling/booster system, which is just more reason to keep on trackin’. I’m also pretty close to unlocking another character model, although it will be hard to say goodbye to the little Cullen Bohannon I’ve been playing as for so long now.

I think it’s fair to say that Unrailed! has become my latest gaming addiction.

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