New Pokemon Snap

New Pokémon Snap is all about snapping photos of your favorite Pokémon (well, so long as your favorite Pokémon are among the 214 that exist in Snap‘s Pokédex, that is). The main gameplay loop has you riding around in a hovering vehicle while snapping photos of Pocket Monsters in the wild. It’s super simple, but it’s also good fun.

However, the real fun is what you can do with the photos after you’ve taken them. New Pokémon Snap features a robust photo editor, and it might be the game’s best feature. It’s super addictive to doctor up those photos once you’ve taken them.

You’ve got some basic editing tools, like filters and frames, but there are also stickers that let you get really creative with each and every photo. These stickers are things like googly eyes, hats, and a fake moustache to make these Pokémon even more photogenic. There are also effects and a few simple emotes to really let you spice things up.

Oh, and you can also add a caption, which can also be a good time. You’ve only got 24 characters, though, so you’ll have to be concise.

Here are just a few of my masterpieces:

New Pokemon Snap
New Pokemon Snap
New Pokemon Snap
New Pokemon Snap
New Pokemon Snap

And no collection would be complete without a good, old-fashioned flatulence joke.

New Pokemon Snap

As you play deeper into the game, leveling up each course and completing tasks, you’ll unlock even more frames and stickers to play around with. You can also upload these photos so other players can take a look at your best work (though you can only have up to six photos in your online profile at a time). And of course this means you can while away the hours looking at the images other players are creating as well.

I’m more than a dozen hours deep in New Pokémon Snap at this point, and I show no sign of slowing down. This is an incredibly addictive little game, and the photo editing feature adds a considerable amount of replayability to what’s already a pretty robust (though admittedly a little repetitive) game.

I’ve said it before, but I can tell that I’m in New Pokémon Snap for the long haul.

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