nOS new Operating System Nintendo Switch

Maybe not for 40 bucks.

Developer RedDeerGames recently announced nOS new Operating System (also known as Nintendo Operating System). The wording is a little misleading as the title is more a task app for Nintendo Switch and less an actual operating system for the console.

So what exactly is nOS new Operating System? Well, it’s like an organizational tool with different features. It includes a notepad for jotting things down; a sketchbook for drawing; a planner for organizing tasks; an image tool; a calculator; and a sliding puzzle game.

It bears repeating and emphasizing that nOS new Operating System does not alter your Nintendo Switch’s existing OS. You’ll be able to download this title from the Nintendo eShop just like you would a digital game. Once downloaded, it’ll appear on your Switch menu alongside your other games. It doesn’t do anything to your Switch “behind-the-scenes,” so to speak, and instead is launched like any other game.

nOS new Operating System Switch

What nOS new Operating System does do, though, is give you some neat little tools that give your Switch a small amount of tablet-like functionality. That’s pretty cool, but that $40 price tag is incredibly steep for something like this. Neat as it may be, you can find similar apps on your smartphone or tablet for a lower price, and in some instances even free.

Thus, nOS new Operating System is this bizarre thing. Like, who is this for? I already use apps like Todoist and Evernote on my phone and computer, and those work great. Plus, I can sync my notes in those apps between different devices. nOS new Operating System is tied directly to your Nintendo Switch, which yes, is portable, but it’s hard to see it being an optimal user experience, especially considering the Switch doesn’t include a stylus.

As an idea, nOS new Operating System is pretty decent. But given its price tag, its less-than-ideal functionality on Switch, and its somewhat misleading name, it’s hard to see this being worth the $40 asking price for anyone other than those who love to splurge.

If nOS new Operating System does appeal to you, though, you can find it on the Nintendo Switch eShop soon — January 27, to be exact.

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1 year ago

nOS is on sale for like $1.99 until 16th Feb which is a big discount on the $40 it’s going to cost after this date so definitely worth getting it now. I got it using some gold points and am very confused about it. I’m hoping the devs add more stuff to it because it has lots of potential. Adding things like a web browser or an email client would be awesome and if they can get third-party stuff on there we might finally be able to get Netflix or other video streaming services on the switch.

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