Atomic Boy

Released in 1985 by a rogue state known to the world only as as “Irem,” Atomic Boy was widely considered to be the most destructive WMD of that time period.

A once-normal child horrendously infused with atomic radiation, Atomic Boy was designed to scale pipes within power stations so that he could shut down its various generators and jump-dodge their defense robots simultaneously. This was enough to bring about the systematic meltdown of any country’s infrastructure, rendering it ripe for invasion and subjugation.

It was a diabolical plan, to say the least, one that gained “Irem” a long-sought-after seat within the United Nations. Of course, it came at the cost of bringing a number of neighboring countries to the brink of war.

At first glance, one might mistake Atomic Boy for another child/war machine hybrid; the once-formidable, technologically savvy brethren to Capcom’s Mega Man. However, Atomic Boy would prove to offer much less of a lasting impression — and it would cause far less economic damage to the Western world.

For more on this, and many other facts about historical remnants of a world lost to the ages, head over to the Internet Arcade.

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