13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

In 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, you will earn Mystery Points (MP) during battles in Destruction. MP is a currency that you spend to unlock Mystery Files in Analysis. If you want to unlock all of the Mystery Files (and pop the Analysis: Complete Trophy), you’re going to need a ton of MP.

Initially, MP seems to come in at a slow drip. Thankfully, I’ve found a few ways to increase the speed at which you earn Mystery Points.

Before you start any battle, you will enter the Team Organization menu.

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

While in this menu, you can press Triangle to spend your Meta-Chips. Using L1 and R1, you can cycle through the various characters’ Sentinels to upgrade them, but if you cycle all the way through to the end you’ll reach the Terminal Enhancement menu.

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

There are four enhancements you’re going to want to focus on. The first is Meta System Level, and that can be upgraded all the way to 10. Maxing this out will open up all of the available enhancements (for the Terminal and all 13 Sentinels), and it will raise the enhancement caps of them as well. This is definitely the first thing you’ll want to max out, as a lot of your enhancements are roadblocked behind the Meta System Level.

Next, you’ll want to enhance the Score Multiplier, which caps out at Lv 6. Since MP earning seems to be tied to your score, this will allow you to earn 6x the score per battle, speeding up your MP earning by a substantial margin.

To boost your score even further, scroll to the very bottom of the Terminal Enhancement menu and invest in Score Boost. This is a score multiplier skill that works on a timer, but it has to be activated in battle. It’s one of your Meta-Gauge skills that’s activated in battle with Triangle. This means it has the same limited usage and cooldown as your Phase Plasma EMP. (A great early-game stage for using the Score Boost skill is 1st Area Ashitaba City Wave 0002, which is also a great stage for earning the In One Fell Swoop Trophy.)

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim

The other thing you might consider upgrading here is the Chip Multiplier. This will increase the rate at which you earn Meta-Chips, which will allow you to earn upgrades faster. Some sources claim you earn MP faster if you earn Meta-Chips faster, but this didn’t seem to hold true when I was running my own experiments.

Now, you seem to earn more MP when you play battles on Intense difficulty (rather than Normal or Casual), so you’ll want to up the difficulty. Additionally, if you fight consecutive battles without Recovering, you’ll get a 10% bonus for each consecutive battle you fight (so, on your second consecutive battle you’ll be earning 110%, and on the third you’ll be earning 120%, and so on). If you swap out your team every battle, you can avoid Brain Overload and keep on fighting for quite a while.

So basically, apply all of the upgrades I’ve outlined above, turn the difficulty up to Intense, and grind out as many battles as you can, trying to earn S-Rank in each one. You can play each battle multiple times, and you seem to earn additional MP the first time you complete any stage.

One final thing to note is that once you’ve earned enough MP to Unseal every Mystery File in the game, your leftover MP will be converted into Meta-Chips.

And that’s basically all there is to it. Enjoy the grind, my friend, and you’ll be unsealing those Mystery Files much faster.

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