How to Catch Fish in The Survivalists

The Survivalists - Fishing

I love survival games, and The Survivalists ended up being exactly what I hoped it would be: a less hardcore alternative to games like Don’t Starve. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Don’t Starve, but I also love how The Survivalists lets me explore and experiment without feeling like my run is going to come to a tragic end at the drop of a hat.

And that’s good news, because The Survivalists takes a bit of experimentation to figure out. It does a lot of things that feel kind of counterintuitive, like putting padlocks on treasure chests without providing keys and requiring an extra step to make the bow and arrow work.

Fishing is another element of the game that feels a bit confusing at first. If you went into this expecting you’d be able to craft a fishing pole at some point, you’re not alone. It was only when I had maxed out both the Workbench and the Forge crafting trees that I finally admitted that I had been wrong about this. There is no fishing rod here.

Thankfully, catching fish in The Survivalists is actually pretty easy once you know what to do. You can kill fish with either a spear or a bow and arrow. Simply equip the weapon, then fire it at a fish (by holding and releasing the square button, if you’re playing on PS4).

The Survivalists - Fishing

The fish will die and leave behind a juicy fillet for you to cook up. And if your aim is good, you can hit multiple fish in a single shot.

Personally, I prefer using the bow and arrow rather than the spear, as you’ll have to chase down your spear every time you throw it unless you’re cool with losing it.

And that’s how you catch fish in The Survialists. I hope you find this guide to be useful!

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30 days ago

these guild are really Helpful, I’ve been looking for information on how the Spy Glass works. I’ve made it to my second island so far. just getting started.

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