Young Souls - Moped

When you’re smashing your way through dungeons in Young Souls, you’ll earn tons of goblin gold. While goblin vendors go bonkers for this stuff, human vendors aren’t so into it. So when you’re shopping in the downtown area, you’re going to need cash.

So how do you make cash in Young Souls? Well, you can sell junk at the local pawn shop, Give ‘N Go (it’s way on the right-hand side of downtown). If you don’t remember the first part of the game, there’s a point when you’re instructed to bring a box of junk to the pawn shop, and you’ll get 40 bucks for it. But after that, you can come back at any time and sell any gear that you don’t need.

Young Souls - Give 'N Go

And that means you can actually convert goblin gold to cash by spending it on weapons and armor, then selling those at the pawn shop. Sure, it has a few extra steps, and your items will depreciate in value with each trade, but it’s still a handy way to make a little scratch.

One thing to keep in mind is that gear sells for a lot more if its upgraded. For example, the Rusty Plate sells for $98 at the base-level one-star rating. But if you spend two Fine Rubies and 50 goblin gold, you can upgrade it to two stars. Then, it will sell for $183 dollars. Note that two Fine Rubies would sell for $40, but using them to improve the Rusty Plate will raise the value by $85.

And the rates get even better as you get higher-quality gear. The Righteous Slayer armor sells for $2,250 at a one-star rating. You can upgrade it to two stars for one Dark Stone (worth $100) and 350 goblin gold, then sell it for $3,000. If you upgrade it to three stars, that will cost you one Diamond (worth $500) and 1,020 goblin gold, you’ll raise the value to $3,750. So, for $600 worth of materials (and some worthless goblin gold), you’re raising the sell price of the armor by $1,500.

Now, don’t actually sell the Righteous Slayer set; it’s one of the best armor sets in the entire game. I was just using that as an example to show how much you can raise the value of your gear with some simple upgrades.

Young Souls - Lundgren

Also, don’t sell gear at the Goblin Market, because you’ll get goblin gold for it instead of cash. And cash is by far the more valuable currency.

Now, if you’ve already bought and sold every single piece of gear in the game and you still don’t have enough cash, another method is to get upgrade resources — which you’ll find by smashing crates while in dungeons — and selling those. They payout isn’t amazing, but your supply isn’t as limited as gear that you buy from vendors.

And that’s pretty much everything you need to know about converting goblin gold to cash in Young Souls. Now go out there and make some big bucks, kiddo!

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