MXGP 2020

If you’re a bigtime motocross fan and you picked up MXGP 2020 – The Official Motocross Videogame when it came out yesterday, you might have noticed that some core features were astonishingly absent. There was no track editor or first-person viewpoint (both longstanding features of the series). The game’s launch in general seemed pretty rough.

Today, it looks like these issues have been addressed with the version 1.01 patch. My guess is this was probably supposed to be a day-one patch, but it ended up a day late for whatever reason.

Here are the full patch notes (for the PS4 version):

  • Add Faenza Track
  • Add Mantova Track
  • Add playground races
  • Add track editor
  • Add sponsors graphics to career
  • Minor fixes

That’s the first step in turning MXGP 2020 from a decent motocross sim to an excellent one, but I do have to admit that the track editor does still seem a bit barebones. Let’s hope the support keeps flowing for this one.

You can see a detailed video (from YouTuber Start Your Systems) about the new track editor below:

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