No Man's Sky Expeditions

The excellent Expeditions update has gotten me back into No Man’s Sky. This update adds a brand-new game mode called Expedition Mode, which feels a little bit like a season in Diablo III. In Expedition Mode, you must start from scratch, but you’re given an accelerated experience, which doles out late-game loot much earlier than in the traditional game modes. This makes the mode feel fresh for longtime players like myself without fundamentally overhauling the core of the game. Win-win, right?

On top of the incredibly generous rewards for completing the early milestones, Hello Games was also handing out free loot via Twitch drops, which means players who watch Twitch streams have even larger stacks of loot to play around with.

But even with all these generous bonuses (five free A-class ships from Twitch drops, as well as an S-class ship from Expedition rewards), I found something even better: an ultra-rare and much-coveted Exotic ship. And it’s gorgeous (as you can see in the image at the top of this article). And it’s an S-Class. And it only cost about five million units (it doesn’t have a lot of storage slots off the bat, though it can be upgraded).

If you’re playing Expedition Mode and you’re looking for your own S-Class Exotic, you can head on over to the Pixel system and pick this one up (it should arrive in the space station if you wait long enough). Here are the coordinates:

No Man's Sky Expeditions

I’m not sure if portal glyphs are tied to a specific mode or not, so I’m not sure this will work outside of Expedition Mode, but it’s worth a try for a shot at picking up this gorgeous hunk of metal.

Good luck, Interlopers, and may the RNG gods continue to smile upon you.

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