Biomutant - Googlide

In Biomutant, you will need to acquire an aquatic vehicle called the Googlide, which will let you navigate the murky waters of the Surfipelago. You’ll probably get the Googlide early on in the game, though due to Biomutant‘s open nature, you could actually hold off until late-game if you wanted to. However, you will need the Googlide to take on the Porky Puff, the Southeastern Worldeater.

There are three different colors of water in the Surfipelago, and each corresponds with an engine level.

  • Turquoise – Level 1
  • Green – Level 2
  • Rust – Level 3
Biomutant - Googlide

If your engine isn’t powerful enough, you’ll be automatically pushed back when you try to enter a higher-level area.

Each engine level can also traverse lower-level waters too, so a Level 3 engine will be able to cross all three water types (and a Level 2 engine could traverse Level 1 and Level 2 waters). This means, of course, that you’re going to need to upgrade your Googlide’s engine unless you want to be forever relegated to the lower-level turquoise water.

Thankfully, upgrading the Googlide is simple enough to do. While you’re riding the Googlide, simply press down on the D-pad to bring up the Modify Googlide menu. If you’re playing on PC, the customization button should be the same button you use to summon your mounts (I’m playing Biomutant on PS4, so I actually can’t verify what the default key would be for this on PC).

Biomutant - Googlide

The first item in the menu should be the engine (and if it’s not, you can press left and right on the D-pad to cycle through your options). The engine options here will depend on how many parts you’ve collected so far. You can collect more parts by opening Googlide Wrekboxes around the Surfipelago, and there are nine Googlide Wrekboxes in total. I’ve played three different Biomutant files now, and it really does seem like the parts you get in any box are somewhat randomized. This means you might have to do some exploring before you get that juicy Level 3 engine.

There’s actually a quest to get all nine Wrekboxes, which should activate as soon as you’ve opened any single Wrekbox (the quest is simply called “The Googlide”). If you really can’t find any, do Gulp’s quest (to find the Gumquacks), because there will be a Wrekbox in Gumquack Hollow. Once you’ve done that, just set “The Googlide” quest to active and follow the markers.

You can also upgrade the bow and the stern of your Googlide this way. Cycle through upgrade options in the Modify Googlide menu.

And that’s how you upgrade the Googlide engine in Biomutant.

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