I’m the type of person that can easily spend hours in a good character creator. If a game gives me even a smidgen of control over my character’s appearance, I can’t rest until I’m confident I’ve made the cutest character possible. Thankfully, the Monster Hunter Stories 2 character creator gives me all the tools I need to build an appealing character.

Character creation in Monster Hunter Stories 2 isn’t overly complex — don’t expect Black Desert levels of customization here — but it’s flexible enough to allow you to make a characters in a wide range of styles. Whether you want to make an ordinary-looking hero, an anime princess, or a cartoon-y goofball, you’ll be able to make a character with a look you love.

Lots of character creators give you a limited palette of colors to work with, forcing you to pick a hair color or skin tone that’s not quite right for your character. Monster Hunter Stories 2, however, gives you a custom color palette, allowing you to find the exact shade you’re looking for. Whether you want a dusty purple or a deep maroon, you can adjust the palette until you find a shade that you’re happy with.

To make things even better, you’re not limited to picking just one shade for your character’s hair or eyes. Want your character to have heterochromia? The character creator gives you the option of selecting eye colors individually. You can also pick out two different hair colors, allowing you to create two-tone looks that range from subtle to dramatic. This feature works better for some hairstyles than others, but I’ve still been having a ton of fun playing around with it.

While I’ve only played the Monster Hunter Stories 2 demo so far, I have reason to suspect that the game will also allow you to continue to change your character’s appearance after you’ve started playing. I’ve been able to purchase hairstyle magazines featuring two different styles: the “Funky Kut-Ku” and the “Kelbi Braid.” I haven’t been able to use them yet, but I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to continue to enjoy the character creation tools even after I’m hours into the game.

The Monster Hunter Stories 2 character creator has made me even more excited about this beautiful, charming little RPG. You can try out the character creation tools for yourself by downloading the demo in the Nintendo eShop, or you can wait until the full game arrives on July 9, 2021.

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