Minecraft Dungeons

One of the great things about Minecraft Dungeons is that it can provide tons of building inspiration for Minecraft. However, there are a lot of things in Minecraft Dungeons that don’t exist in Minecraft proper, so I’ve been thinking about how some of them could possibly be implemented into OG Minecraft.

Yes, most of these are small things, because I think it’s more realistic to ask for, say, an iron grate than for a complete lighting and texture overhaul (though you can also use mods if you play the Java version of Minecraft for some pretty cool lighting and water effects).

So here are 17 small things that would be awesome to add to Minecraft.


Minecraft Dungeons - Braziers

These braziers are everywhere in Minecraft Dungeons, and they look incredible. Seriously, this is probably my most desired item on this entire list.

I would imagine these would require a campfire and some iron ingots to craft. For some reason, three iron ingots feels like the right amount to me. An alternative, of course, would be to replace the sticks in the current campfire recipe with iron ingots to make the brazier.

Anyway, if I had these braziers in Minecraft, I would use them absolutely everywhere.

Breakable Pots for Emeralds

Minecraft Dungeons - Breakable Pots

It would be awesome if Minecraft let you make the clay pot shown above. The recipe would probably call for a mix of clay and emeralds. These pots would be breakable (like glass), and when you destroy a clay pot, you would get the emeralds inside. In fact, this would be the only way to recover the emeralds — you need to break the pot.

This could be a super fun little addition to Minecraft, and these pots would look great on shelves. Once you have a good trading network set up, emeralds are hardly rare, and it would be cool to have another thing to use them for.

Redstone Golems

Minecraft Dungeons - Redstone Golem

Longtime Minecraft players are certainly familiar with the iron golem. Some people even create sinister traps for these hulking beasts to harvest their iron. It’s cruel and unusual, but sometimes you have to crack a few iron golems to make an iron omelette.

Minecraft Dungeons adds a new version, the redstone golem. I see this as an aggressive mob — perhaps one that would accompany illagers on their raids.

Honestly, I just think the redstone golems look awesome. They probably wouldn’t actually add that much to Minecraft, if I’m being completely honest. But, variety is the spice of life, as they say.

Skeleton Horsemen

Minecraft Dungeons - Skeleton Horsemen

Okay, so unlike the redstone golem, I actually think that these skeleton horsemen would actually improve something about Minecraft. Currently, if you’re geared up with Netherite armor, nighttime mob attacks are more of an annoyance than anything else. But that dynamic would shift radically if you added packs of these mounted skeleton raiders. All of a sudden, it would be completely terrifying to be out at night again.

Update: Apparently, these are actually in the game, but they’re super rare. In my thousands and thousands of hours of Minecraft, I’ve never actually seen one in game.

Treasure Pigs

Minecraft Dungeons - Treasure Pigs

Okay, this is the last mob request on this list — I promise!

The piggy bank (or, as I like to call it, the treasure pig) is a pig that has a treasure chest strapped to its back. If you’ve ever played Diablo III, then you probably recognize this as the Minecraft version of the treasure goblin.

I think it would be super fun to find these in the wild. By killing them, you would break open the treasure chest and acquire a hoard of emeralds and diamonds — and perhaps some rare enchantments.

Tent-Style Canopies

Minecraft Dungeons - Merchant Stalls

You cobble together some pretty decent merchant stalls in Minecraft, but the thing that really makes the Minecraft Dungeons version pop is those tent-like canopies. Perhaps you could weave those from some combination of wool and silk? Or maybe you could add cotton to the game as a harvestable crop, and these canopies would be made of that? (Portal Knights is a Minecraft-like game that does let you grow cotton, so this isn’t completely unheard of in the video-game world.)

Either way, I think this canopy design would really add a lot to Minecraft builds.

This Spooky Crypt

Minecraft Dungeons - Crypt

In Minecraft Dungeons, you might stumble into a crypt and find a skeleton warrior laid to rest. If you disturb the corpse, you will summon a wave of enemies.

Not only do these things look cool, but it would be super fun to actually stumble upon something like this in Minecraft‘s expansive underground areas. This is another one of those things that I think would add some variety to dungeons, and more variety is always good.

Delicious-Looking Trays of Food

Minecraft Dungeons - Buffet Tables

Players have gotten super creative with adding food to their tables in Minecraft. For example, a lot of folks will put down an item frame, then place a porkchop or cooked fish on it so it looks like a serving plate.

But why don’t we just make this official and add some trays of food so we can decorate our tables? Minecraft Dungeons features a ton of different food trays, and it would be a cool way to add some visual appeal to our dining hall layouts.

… And Shelves for Storing Food

Minecraft Dungeon - Shelves

And on that note, why don’t we add trays of fruit? Can you imagine adding like seven apples and two pieces of lumber together to make a wooden tray filled with apples? Same for golden apples, or berries, or heck, even fish!

This would really give us some cool aesthetics to play with when we’re building our kitchen pantries.

Sandworn Bricks

Minecraft Dungeons - Sandworn Bricks

I am completely in love with these sand-worn bricks in Minecraft Dungeons. I want to be able to make them in Minecraft proper so badly. Can you imagine the sorts of desert temples you could build with these?

I imagine the recipe would be stone bricks and sand — which means you could also make sand-worn blackstone bricks and sand-worn deepslate bricks. Oh, the possibilities!

Gold-Trimmed Carpet

Minecraft Dungeons - Gold-Trimmed Carpet

It’s cool that you can make carpet in Minecraft, but I would really love it if you could make the sort of elegant rugs you see in Minecraft Dungeons. Just look at how cool that looks, with the elaborate trim and the sword design in each corner. I love this design!

I imagine the recipe would involve wool and gold nuggets — and we could really use another use for gold nuggets in Minecraft. These would operate sort of like stair tiles, in that when you line up the corners just right, they create a corner-appropriate tile.

My mouth is practically watering over the possibilities for the interiors of my houses and castles.

Iron Grates

Minecraft Dungeons - Iron Grates

In Minecraft, you can build iron bars or fences from various types of wood. You can combine these to make grid layouts vertically, but they don’t really work horizontally. And, as far as I know, there’s nothing to really fill that need.

But Minecraft Dungeons features plenty of these iron grates in the floors of its forge areas. Why can’t we craft something like this in Minecraft?

I also think a wooden version would be cool for pirate ship decks.


Minecraft Dungeons - Gravestones

This is such a simple little thing, and I can’t believe it doesn’t already exist in Minecraft. Why can’t we craft tombstones so we can build our own spooky cemeteries? There are tons of gravestones in Minecraft Dungeons!

And while we’re at it, I really wish we could build the particular fence style shown in the above image as an alternative to the fences that are currently in the game.


Minecraft Dungeons - Crates

Barrels have been a godsend for Minecraft players who are tired of having their storage options limited to just chests. Barrels look awesome in so many different rooms, like kitchen pantries, brew halls, armories, and pretty much anywhere else. Plus, they double as storage.

Why don’t we expand this just a little further and add wooden crates to Minecraft? These would work exactly like barrels, but they would add some more visual variety to our builds, as well as more options for storage.

The recipe is super obvious — six wood slabs would make a crate. That’s maybe just a little too similar to the composter recipe, but it really does make sense if you think about it.

The Adorable Fox Armor

Minecraft Dungeons - Fox Armor

I have to be careful here, because I could really open a Pandora’s Box when I start talking about the armor options in Minecraft Dungeons. In Minecraft proper, you’ve basically got a linear armor hierarchy. Leather, then iron, then diamond, then netherite. Gold armor is the outlier, because it’s really only good for aesthetics, or for protecting yourself from those greedy little piglins.

But why don’t we branch out our armor options, with fox armor or ocelot armor? Each one of these could have properties not available on other armor types. Perhaps the fox armor would make you sneakier, so mobs don’t see you as easily. Polar bear armor would — I don’t know — keep you warm or something? Panda armor would do nothing but prove you’re an absolute monster! How could you?

Okay, so I haven’t really thought this through. But even so, I think it would be cool to incorporate some of the various armor types from Minecraft Dungeons into Minecraft to give us options for making various different character builds.

Epic-Looking Statues

Minecraft Dungeons - Statue

Yes, you can make giant statues in Minecraft. You can also build armor racks to approximate what a smaller-scale statue might look like.

What you can’t make, however, are statues like the one shown above. I wish you could craft life-size statues of horses and villagers, for example, or the dragon scene shown in the image above. You do see these a lot in Minecraft Dungeons, and it really does add a lot to castle builds and town squares.


Minecraft Dungeons - Carriage

Okay, I’m going to be honest here. This one doesn’t really make a lot of sense in Minecraft proper. I just think these prison carriages look super cool.

One idea that might work is that if you find these in the middle of the woods, you can free the villagers inside. Maybe then they’d start a new village, or maybe sell you exclusive items, or maybe they’d just follow you and join your village.

I haven’t put a ton of thought into this idea yet, but you can already see that there are in fact some real possibilities here.

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