Minecraft Dungeons

Even as an avid player of Minecraft, it’s easy to forget that Minecraft Dungeons exists. But this scrappy little hack-and-slash dungeon crawler is actually a really well-made game with a ton of support behind it. It also has a really great model for seasonal content.

Perhaps the best thing about Minecraft Dungeons is how much inspiration you can glean from its world. It’s fun to just explore the world and take tons of screenshots, then look to those while attempting to build things in Minecraft.

For example, this screenshot (which comes from VG247’s Minecraft Dungeons review) reminds me a little bit of Stormveil Castle from Elden Ring:

Minecraft Dungeons

Sure, building something at that scale would be a massive undertaking, but most of what’s pictured here is actually buildable in Minecraft. Just look at those lava windows, or the walls decorated with cracked stone bricks, or the rafters made from oak wood. My head is already filling up with ways to implement these design touches into my Minecraft world.

Or check out this ruined bridge:

Minecraft Dungeons

This build cleverly uses a mix of lumber and fences to give the bridge some texture. Plus, I really like using the cobblestone fenceposts as torch holders.

I’m also pretty into this little idea from Soggy Swamp:

Minecraft Dungeons - Soggy Swamp

It’s cool how there are cabins built on top of the wall, supported by wooden fenceposts. The use of different types of wood (I assume that’s oak with spruce roofing) really makes this simple design pop. Add some mossy stone bricks and some vines and you could definitely create something similar to this in Minecraft (admittedly, I wish you could grow mushrooms that looked as cool as the ones pictured above).

I also really like the wooden arches you find on jungle pathways:

Minecraft Dungeons

While you wouldn’t be able to get those leafy deposits on top of the wood, you could totally build this out of wood salvaged from trees and then add some vines to it.

And here’s another small thing I found in the jungle: I really like this ocelot statue.

Minecraft Dungeons

You’d have to take a few creative liberties to get this to work in Minecraft proper, but this does give you at least a basic design to work from.

I also really like this forge layout:

Minecraft Dungeons

Actually, I was curious about how buildable this forge design actually is, so I went ahead and built it. The desk below could be sort of mocked up with wooden slabs, but that little stool isn’t something that can be built in the game. Plus, you have to get a little creative to keep your lava in place should you decide to fill your forges with lava.

But, check it out:


A vast majority of this forge design is actually perfectly buildable in Minecraft.

I’ve only recently returned to Minecraft Dungeons after more than a year away from it, but my head is already filling up with potential projects for my Minecraft world. This is a pretty amazing place to draw inspiration from, and I’m excited to see what other things I end up pulling from Minecraft Dungeons in the future.

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