Sniper Elite 5

Anyone familiar with the long-running Sniper Elite series will know that the X-ray-style Kill Cam is a staple feature. Originally, it was triggered by successfully lining up a long-distance sniper shot, then the game would go into a follow-the-bullet perspective that would result in seeing said bullet rip through whatever part of the body it made contact with. Once the bullet made contact, the part of the body affected would effectively peel away as if under some sort of X-ray microscope, allowing the player to watch the bullet shred through all manner of flesh, tissue, fat, muscle, and bone. The most universally hilarious of these, of course, are the crotch shots where you can watch scrotums splay and testicles explode.

Is it gross and somewhat childish? Yeah, pretty much. But is it also glorious and often hilariously cringe-inducing? Oh, hell yes.

So thank whatever entity you believe in that Rebellion had the wherewithal to know exactly what the world needs from its Nazi-killing simulator. We owe the studio a debt of gratitude.

That being said, my goodness is the Kill Cam in Sniper Elite 5 quickly becoming a thing of legends. I’m not entirely sure what went into refining or updating it, but the latest iteration is so over-the-top (and even, at times, stomach-turning) that it’s simultaneously a thing of beauty and an utter nightmare.

Watching in anticipation as your bullet flies through the air, waiting to see exactly where it will made its impact and what subsequent carnage results is almost nail-biting. And then you’re treated to that X-ray representation of mandibles shattering, of eyeballs popping, of hearts collapsing and ribs bursting at the seams. And those aforementioned crotch shots? Forget about it! (Although I am beginning to become alarmed by my enjoyment of testicular bullet tailoring…)

Of course, it isn’t just well-placed long-distance shots that trigger the Kill Cam anymore. Oh no, we have evolved well past that point. You can now trigger it with other firearms, landmines and other explosives, and even knife kills. Hell, even choking a guy out results in a slow-motion mini-cutscene and a jarring orchestral stab to really add pomp and circumstance. It’s kind of getting out of control, but at the same time it’s still so friggin’ good that I can’t get enough of it.

Sniper Elite 5 is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, and it’s already a part of the Xbox Game Pass lineup.

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