Sniper Elite 5

Rebellion, the developer behind the long-running Sniper Elite series, released a new trailer today that highlights the enhanced Kill Cam features for the upcoming Sniper Elite 5. The Kill Cam has been growing more ambitious with each installment, encompassing more and more X-ray carnage. In the original game, it was purely for aced sniper shots, but it slowly radiated outward to include gnarly wounds from your machine guns and pistols, and eventually kills with a knife.

And with each new overhaul to the system, the gore and gross-out factors increased, and that’s on full display in this new trailer. Every fiber of muscle, strand of sinew, glob of fat, and shard of bone seems to be represented in scarily realistic anatomical detail. So when, say, your bullet pierces an enemy’s scrotum and shatters their groin, you really get up close and personal to see the ramifications of such an expertly landed shot. Or, if you shove your trusty knife up through the bottom of an enemy’s gullet, and the blade pierces their brain, there is no aspect left to the imagination.

To be fair, Sniper Elite‘s Kill Cam can be pretty disgusting and a tad bit traumatizing. But on the other hand, it can be — and often is — hilarious and squeamish fun. I have personally spent a ton of time squirming and giggling at the torment and anguish I have doled out over the years. As macabre as that may sound, remember that these are Nazis.

Sniper Elite 5 looks like it will perhaps be the most robust and detailed entry in the series. It might also offer an approach to stealth and level completion more closely resembling the first entry in the series instead of the more guided direction that has shaped the experience for the last three installments. If that is actually the case, I’ll be a very happy sniper indeed.

You can check out the latest trailer below as you gird your loins for Sniper Elite 5‘s release on May 26, 2022.

And if you’re still here, you can also check out the rest of Half Glass Gaming’s Sniper Elite 5 coverage, including a look at all of the trailers released to date, but also our hands-on impressions of an early build of the game, as well as a developer interview where Half-Glass Gaming’s David Sanchez picks the brains of the folks making this game, albeit sans any gory X-Ray details.

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