Whenever a game developer combines pixel art with survival and crafting mechanics, I go absolutely bonkers. I was obsessed with The Survivalists for a while, for example, and Tinkertown is fantastic. And even though there aren’t survival elements in it, I had a lot of fun building bee-breeding labs in APICO.

So when I spotted the trailer for Wanderlost at the 2022 IGN Expo, I was drooling all over myself.

Wanderlost is a survival crafting game set in a bright pixel-art world. It includes mechanics for hunger, thirst, tiredness, wetness, and weather. It also includes encumbrance, which I’m admittedly less excited about.


To fill your stomach, you can plant vegetables, go fishing, or hunt and trap animals. In fact, Wanderlost seems to have a pretty robust trap system, which allows you to catch food and dispatch of potential threats…

Because there are zombies.

Apparently this one was funded on Kickstarter back in May and June of 2021. Creator Eli Segal was hopeful for a May of 2022 release, but it obviously won’t be hitting that ambitious release window. A more concrete release window hasn’t been established yet.

You can wishlist Wanderlust on Steam right now, and check out the trailer below.

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