Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XV felt like it would never happen. Originally announced as part of the Final Fantasy XIII universe (as Final Fantasy Versus XIII), the game ended up stuck in development hell for almost a decade before it finally launched in 2016. It was critically acclaimed and recieved many updates before post-launch development was finally halted in 2019.

So it seemed quite possible that the series would end there.

But it didn’t. Final Fantasy XVI was officially announced today as part of Sony’s PlayStation 5 showcase. The game looks surprisingly dark and almost Game of Thrones-ish, which is a really interesting take on a Final Fantasy game. Of course, classic staples return, such as chocobos and malboros.

Plus, the main character is named Joshua, which is my name!

Final Fantasy XVI is coming to PS5 and PC, and I cannot wait to learn more about it. You can watch the Awakening trailer below.

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