Nexomon: Extinction

It’s been about a week since Nexomon: Extinction was updated to version 1.04 on PS4, and now the game has been updated to version 1.05. This is actually a pretty beefy update, based on the patch notes.

There are a ton of quality-of-life improvements here, which is absolutely great. Maybe the most exciting new feature is the addition of Synergy Cores, which sound like the Nexomon version of EXP Share.

Shard farmers will be delighted by the addition of the Ultimate Pickaxe, which can yield 1-3 shards instead of just one. Add to that the Mining Goggles, which reduce the time it takes for new shards to spawn and shard farming has gotten less time-consuming. More shards, less time farming. That sounds like a win to me.

Tired of finding yourself out in the middle of nowhere with a worn-down team of Nexomon? Now there are rare crystals that spawn in remote locations that you can break to restore your stats. Lovely.

And now there is a Nexomon version of Shiny Charms, called Cosmic Charms. Increase your chances of catching Cosmic Nexomon with these bad boys! Plus, starters can now be cosmic as well.

And I’m actually pretty excited by the Storage Group sorting feature, and sorting Nexomon once you’ve created several groups can actually be a bit of a pain. I’ve not yet tried it since the update, but it is a relief to know the developers are thinking about us Nexomon sorters.

Nexomon: Extinction - Playing on PS4

And those are just a few of the highlights. Here are the full patch notes for Nexomon: Extinction’s 1.05 update on PS4:

  • Changed the points in the story in which evolved Nexomon start appearing.
  • It is now possible to sort all Storage Groups at once.
  • You can now unequip all cores from the Team menu while a Nexomon is selected.
  • New Synergy Cores implemented. They will copy a % of the EXP received by the other team members.
  • Fixed various Cosmic models that were still using the regular textures, such as Reptomotor or Bomblasta.
  • Added Ultra Pickaxe item, which can yield 1-3 shards.
  • Added Mining Goggles item, which lowers the shard respawn timer to 10-15 min (from 15-20 min).
  • Rolled back to the original skill learning system (not cyclic anymore).
  • Added a Skill Master NPC at various locations. She will let you relearn any unlocked skills for a fixed coin fee.
  • Crystals have begun growing in some remote areas. Breaking them will restore your party, but they are scarce and can take 15-20 minutes to respawn.
  • A new tamer was added to Drake Isles.
  • Added “Healthy Charm” items. For each charm, the party is restored by +3% HP per battle won. Only three charms exist via chests.
  • Added “Workout Charm” items. For each charm, the party is restored by +3% Stamina per battle won. Only three charms exist via chests.
  • Added “Cosmic Charm” items. For each charm, the cosmic odds improve slightly. Only five charms exist via chests.
  • A few Synergy Cores have been added via chests earlygame to familiarize new players with this item.
  • Fixed an area in Haunted Woods that could not be accessed. It is now possible to explore using the Wind power.
  • Significantly improved apparition rates of Tyrants, Extincts, and Wardens.
  • Added 10 new avatars to pick from.
  • Various localization improvements/corrections.
  • Fixed various skills such as Psy Field, Green Sphere, Invincible and Renovate.
  • Fixed the exit in frozen cave in Ignitia, which was spawning the player too far away.
  • The rarity of a monster now appears during battle.
  • The evolution level now appears in the database info window.
  • It is now possible to cancel an evolution by pressing Circle and confirming.
  • You can now command your Nexomon to rest during battle with the R3 button. This restores 15 stamina.
  • Your starter can now be cosmic. Same rate as the wild monsters.
  • Fixed a few monster description typos, such as Moonline’s and Starckal’s.
  • Tamers that have been beaten once won’t trigger again on sight. Exception: bandits from the Frozen Tundra.
  • The southern Laterian prison guard will now face north as his line of sight seemed confusing.
  • Footstep sound volume reduced.
  • “Absolute Barrier” now costs 20 stamina and is slightly slower.
  • Various Normal skills now have more accuracy (Punch +10%, Kick +10%, Tackle +10%, Smoke Screen +5%, Headbutt +10%, Tornado Kick +5%, Force Chop +10%).
  • Various boss encounters (mainly singular ones, like Nivalis) have a boosted EXP and coin reward.

What an update this turned out to be! This is a lovely sign that Nexomon: Extinction will keep growing and expanding as time goes on. It’s a gift that just keeps on giving!

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