No Man's Sky Fractal

It’s 2023, but that doesn’t mean No Man’s Sky is dead. Quite the opposite, in fact, as the game has just gotten its 4.1 update, titled Fractal.

First off, this brings a brand-new expedition called Utopia to the game. Remember, expeditions are limited-time campaigns that reward players with exclusive items. This time around, the reward is the Utopia Speeder Starship, which reminds me ever-so-slightly of the A-wings from Star Wars. This is also your chance to nab the Fearsome Visor, which looks awesome.

No Man's Sky - Fearsome Visor

Further, there are a ton of quality-of-life features to munch on.

For example, there’s now a “Wonders” section of your Log, which tracks things like the largest/smallest predator you’ve encountered in the universe, or the most intelligent and most pressure-resistant. Yup, pressure-resistant!

Most of the other features relate to PlayStation VR2 and visual quality upgrades. It’s a pretty beefy list, and I haven’t yet had time to fully digest it, but as far as I can tell, it looks like VR players are going to have a better experience, while even non-VR players will get better particle effects and other visual wizardry to gawk at. I’m all about it.

You can watch a brief trailer below, but it honestly doesn’t show a whole lot. You might be better served by digging into the meaty patch notes on the official No Man’s Sky website.

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