Skater XL

Easy Day Studios announced that community creations will be hitting Skater XL this holiday season. We’re talking new levels/maps, new clothing options, new decks and gear, and new… well, that’s pretty much it. Still, that is literally everything that Skater XL needs to bring it up to the high standard set by its closest competitors.

All of this will be available “at the push of a button,” according the the announcement, which hopefully means there will be a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate menu for all this. Only time will tell if this will rival the modding community’s efforts on the PC version, but considering the are no modding options for the Xbox and PS4 at all right now, I guess we’ll just have to take what we can get.

You can check out the Community Creations trailer below.

Depending on the depth and wealth of the content planned for the community creations update, Easy Day could very well be on the fast track to skate-sim royalty.

This announcement, of course, comes hot on the heals of the most recent update, patch 1.0.5, which addressed a number of performance issues and bugs.

If you still haven’t picked up a copy, you can also get Skater XL for 20% off on Steam right now.

And hey, why not check out one of my personal skate videos for my character Betty York while you’re at it?

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