Monster Harvest

We’re absolute freaks for farming games here at Half-Glass Gaming. A lot of us cut our teeth on the Harvest Moon series, so the current farming-sim boom (perhaps kicked off by Stardew Valley) has been wonderful for us to experience. There are too many lovely-looking farming sims coming out in the near future to count at this point, but one of the quirkiest and most exciting is definitely Monster Harvest (which landed on our list of most anticipated games of 2021).

The elevator pitch for Monster Harvest is that it’s a pixel-art game that combines some of the farming elements of Stardew Valley with the monster-collecting elements of Pokémon. Yup, that pitch completely won us over.

Monster Harvest recently got a May launch date, but it looks like that’s not going to stick. Today, developer Maple Powered Games announced a new launch date of July 8, 2021. These two extra months of development time should ensure the game will launch in a much better state than the version that would have shipped in May. In fact, the dev team promises that the delay will allow them to add an impressive slew of new features to the launch version of the game.

Here’s a list of promised launch features, straight from today’s press release:

  • Dungeon minimap
  • Variant dungeon rooms with some rare and unique encounters
  • Unlockable Planimal attacks
  • More crop variations
  • New additions to the town and an overhaul of NPCs and relationships
  • Farm size expanded
  • More structured goals and rewards for completing certain milestones in-game
  • New female character model

If all this gets added to the game before launch, then the wait will definitely be worth it. Plus, this will give us more time to enjoy Biomutant before we get sucked back into the farming lifestyle, which will inevitably happen when Monster Harvest releases.

Monster Harvest is now due out July 8 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. Oh, and those lovely physical editions that were planned for June are now set to launch on July 20.

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