Back 4 Blood

The Game Awards 2020 livestream show aired December 10, 2020. I know I said 2020 twice already, but I promise it’s important.

During the show, Half Glass Gaming’s owner Josh and I were exchanging text messages. These were hot-take reactions and comments, most of them snide since we are old, jaded gamers.

With the reveal of the upcoming Left 4 Dead sequel/offshoot/re-imagining(?), Back 4 Blood, we were left a bit puzzled. Josh’s simple and concise four-word reaction encapsulated the exact feeling I myself was experiencing but couldn’t quite articulate: “What is this, 2012?”

2012 indeed, old chum. Back 4 Blood isn’t even out yet and it already feels like it’s aged. Whether it’s aged like fine wine or a soggy piece of bread is left up for you to decide.

Check out the Back 4 Blood reveal trailer below and take your own trip back in time.

And if that’s not quite enough, you can see some Back 4 Blood gameplay as well.

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