Hot off the heals of Ghostwire: Tokyo, we’re getting yet another horror game that centers around Japanese Yokai. What sets Ikai apart, though is that it is more of a traditional first-person walking simulator take on the genre. Instead of battling evil spirits using magical finger guns, you will instead have to face down these evils with no real combat abilities at all. You will be tasked with interacting with the environment and drawing protective seals (seemingly using an in-game calligraphy or shūji) to seal the fate of these demons and set the world right.

The trailer for Ikai spells some of this out, but it also leaves many of the specifics a little vague. The good news is that this launch trailer is very much exactly that: a trailer announcing the game’s launch. Ikai is currently available for PS4, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. It’ll only set you back $14.99 (and it’s on sale for $12.74 on Steam), so even if you go in cold, it might be the right price for a nice little spooky experience.

You can check out the Ikai launch trailer below. If it strikes your fancy, hop on over to the the PlayStation Store, the Nintendo eShop, or Steam to pick it up today.

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