Like many point-and-click adventure games, The Rewinder begins with a mystery. A village has been deserted and is now filled with angry spirits. What happened to the village? What is keeping these spirits from being reincarnated? These are the kinds of questions you’ll have to ask as you play through The Rewinder.

You play as Qi Yun, who has the ability to enter people’s memories. While exploring someone’s memories, you have the power to influence their intentions, giving you the chance to change the past. As you learn more about the spirits in the village, you’ll discover more about what happened, allowing you to (potentially) build a better future.

The artwork in The Rewinder is inspired by Chinese ink paintings, and it’s absolutely beautiful. Even though the pixel art is fairly simple, it’s stunning to look at, and the abandoned town is dripping with atmosphere.

You can get a taste of what The Rewinder has to offer by playing through the free demo that’s currently available on Steam. The full game is scheduled to release on both PC and Switch at some point in 2021, and I am definitely looking forward to playing it.

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