Hitman - Landslide

If you own Hitman 3, you can import all of your content from Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2 so all three games (and their bonus content) can be enjoyed in one place. It’s one of my favorite features of Hitman 3.

One of the missions that will be imported is called Landslide, which takes place on the Sapienza map. This isn’t the main story mission in Sapienza, it’s one of the bonus missions from Hitman (2016)’s DLC. You might be deep into Hitman 3 and not even notice the Landslide mission exists.

If you do attempt to play it, however, I must warn you that it’s a crash-filled nightmare. I’m talking hard crashes, where the entire game stops working and sends you back to the main menu.

I’m playing on PS4, and I keep getting the (CE-34878-0) error code. The PlayStation website has a page dedicated to this issue, but it’s not super helpful. This seems to be a generic error code that basically just means, “Hey, your game just crashed.” I do keep reporting the issue every time it comes up.

I’m definitely not the only one having this issue. There are entire Reddit threads about this issue. On top of that, it seems like it might have been in issue in Hitman 2 as well, as people seem to be having trouble with Landslide in that game as well.

Landslide is actually a pretty fun little mission that has you assassinating a corrupt businessman who’s running for mayor. Like so many of Hitman‘s missions, this one gives you some really fun and creative ways to bring down your target. But the crashes really make it hard to enjoy.

I wish I could offer some workarounds or some sort of a timeline for when this might be fixed, but I don’t have any info in that regard. I can, however, say that if you’re running into this issue, you’re not alone. Hang in there, buddy.

I certainly hope this gets fixed soon.

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3 years ago

same here! Pretty much unplayable

3 years ago

are you on Hitman forum? I cant get on there (banned). Report this bug on there as the forum is pretty much the only place you can report bugs and they read it

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