Bravely Default II can be a surprisingly tough game. Unlike earlier games in the series, enemy encounters can’t be toggled off. If you’ve been struggling against enemies, this easy Job Point farming guide will help you grind all the JP you need.

Near Halcyonia, there’s a grassy area that’s absolutely swarming with wasp-like creatures called Vesps, especially in the daytime. You can find it here on your map:

This area is the ideal place to exploit Monster Treats, which are items that allow you to lure enemies into continuous battles. When you fight in a continuous battle, a multiplier will be used when your job points are tallied up. If you get a good streak going, you can easily earn more than 200 JP per fight.

These drawn-out battles can be difficult, but if you fight in this spot, you shouldn’t have much of a problem. Once you’ve been playing for a while, you’ll be able to take out most of these enemies in just one hit. Best of all, this has continued to be an amazing spot to grind for JP even as my characters have gotten stronger. Vesps normally run away when they see me on the battlefield, but they still give me plenty of job points when I fight them using this method.

If you’d like to grind JP using this method, all you need to do is head to the correct part of the map and use an Insect Nectar:

While the Insect Nectar is active, a yellow glow will appear around your party. Until the item wears off, you’ll trigger a continuous battle every time you fight with a Vesp. Since Vesps also drop Insect Nectars pretty frequently, you’ll be able to keep this going for quite a while.

This trick took me from Level 11 to Level 12 in the Black Mage very quickly, allowing me to master the job and move on to something new. It also took me from Level 1 to Level 3 in the Bard job in just one fight.

While you can use Insect Nectars to trigger fights with other enemies, like Silkmoths, and you can use other types of Monster Treats in other parts of the map, I’ve found this strategy to be incredibly successful in the early part of the game. You can chill out, put on some music, and focus on Job Point farming until you’re ready to get back to the main game.

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