The Entropy Centre - Puzzle 0601

The Entropy Centre is a game that’s chock full of Portal-style puzzle chambers, only with a time-rewind mechanic instead of a portal-shooty one. While there’s nothing quite as meme-worthy as “The cake is a lie” in The Entropy Centre, there is a secret room filled with beans. You will need to get into an optional area in Puzzle 0601 to access this secret bean room, though.

So I’m going to walk you through the solution to Puzzle 0601, and I’ll also show you how to unlock the bean room.

Now, solving Puzzle 0601 is actually super easy. You really just have to place the bridge cube on the button, then position it to cross the gap in the middle of the room. Once you’ve crossed the bridge, you can rewind it back to its position on the button and the way out will be open to you.

But you don’t just want to run in and run back out, because there’s an electrical panel hidden in an optional room, and you’re going to need it if you want to explore the bean room.

The Entropy Centre - Beans

It’s pretty hard to miss the optional room, because you should run smack into the door when you cross the bridge. And you may have even noticed that the lock symbol on the door is green, which means you can open the door. Simply open up the door and you’ll see the electric panel to your right. There’s also a computer in the room that has a message on it, which clues you in to the existence of the bean room. If you’re trying to read every message in the game, you’re definitely going to want to check this one out (and there’s one in the bean room too).

Note that you will have to carry the electric panel out of the puzzle chamber with you.

If you want to see all this in action, I recorded a video:

After you exit the puzzle room, you’ll find a slot for an electric panel on the wall. Simply plug in the panel, then rewind it to power up the door that gets you into the bean room.

Once you’re inside the bean room, don’t forget to read the lengthy email on this computer. This email does give you some context for how the bean room came to be.

The Entropy Centre - Bean Room Email

And there you go. That’s how you solve Puzzle 0601 and get into the secret bean room in The Entropy Centre.

If you want to continue to the next section of this walkthrough, then check out my full guide for Puzzle 0602 and Puzzle 0603.

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