Cozy Grove - Dowsing Rod

The Dowsing Rod in Cozy Grove is a tool that lets you find buried relics. There is an in-game tutorial on how to use it eventually, but when you first acquire the tool, you’re not told what to do with it. If you figure out how to use it early, you’ll get a head start on your relic hunting. So here’s a quick guide on using the Dowsing Rod.

To get started, you’ll need to equip the Dowsing Rod. Once it’s in your hands, you should stand still and see if an icon shows up over your character’s head. This icon tells you how close you are to an artifact (if there’s no icon, it means there’s not an artifact near you, and you will probably have to wait until the following day to get one to appear).

If you do see an icon, it’s likely going to be a snowflake. This means you’re far away from the relic. Move around to see if you can get that icon to change (note that you have to be standing still for that icon to appear). A flame means you’re in the right general area, and the flame should grow larger in size as you get closer. Once you’re right next to it, an X should appear on the ground and you can dig up the artifact by pressing the action button (X on PS4).

Cozy Grove - Dowsing Rod

Typically, you can only find one artifact per day, so once you dig one up, you can put away your Dowsing Rod and wait until the following day to use it again. I do still try to poke around every once in a while just to see if I can find a second artifact, but so far I’ve not had any success with that.

And there you go, that’s pretty much everything you need to know about the Dowsing Rod in Cozy Grove!

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