No Man's Sky - Golden Vortex

The No Man’s Sky Expeditions update was a great way to make an almost-five-year-old game feel a little bit fresh for us NMS old timers. It also entices dormant players back with the promise of exclusive loot. The ultimate carrot at the end of the final stick in No Man’s Sky‘s first expedition is a ship called the Golden Vector. It’s a thing of beauty.

A fun little side note: This is actually a golden variant of the Alpha Vector ship (which was a pre-order bonus). I did a full stat breakdown for the Alpha Vector as well (so check that out if you’re curious), but for now let’s just focus on the Golden Vector.

Aside from the gorgeous gold-and-black aesthetic, this is a really functional ship with a lot of bells and whistles. So what are the stats for the Golden Vector starship? Well, I raced through Expedition Mode to find out; here’s what I learned.

First off, for those wondering, this is indeed an S-class Fighter. Right off the bat, it comes with a whopping 29 slots of General storage. With augmentations (or absurd amounts of Units), this can be expanded to a full grid of 48 slots.

No Man's Sky - Golden Vortex

It also comes with 21 Technology slots. This is the max amount of tech slots supported by this ship, so you can’t add more tech slots unfortunately (I always feel like 21 slots is slightly less than I need; 28 seems like it’d be perfect).

No Man's Sky - Golden Vortex

This comes with a pretty impressive haul of tech already installed as well, though the tech is installed in General storage rather than Technology, so you’ll definitely want to move it right away. This comes kitted with:

  • Phase Beam with one B-Class and one S-Class upgrade modules (2,754 DPS peak damage potential)
  • Pulse Engine with four S-Class upgrade modules
  • Deflector Shield with one C-Class upgrade module
  • Launch Thruster
  • Hyperdrive
  • Teleport Receiver
  • Golden Starship Trail

That’s pretty dang generous, but I did notice it does not come with an Indium Drive or a Photon Cannon. You can customize your tech to really go wild, of course. I threw some S-Class Deflector Shield modules on mine right away to beef up the defense. You’ll also want to prioritize Hyperdrive upgrades, because this thing doesn’t have great warp range in its factory build.

So how about stats?

No Man's Sky - Golden Vortex

With the out-of-the-box upgrades installed, you’re stats will be:

  • 287.9 – Damage Potential (237.8 Core)
  • 196.0 – Shield Strength (182.9 Core)
  • 101.0 – Hyperdrive Range
  • 553.5 – Maneuverability (400.4 Core)

This starship also has a base value of 18,200,000 Units.

No Man's Sky - Golden Vortex

Even if you don’t want the ship, you can scrap it for some valuable parts. For scrapping the Golden Vector, you’ll receive:

  • Photon Cannon S-Class upgrade module
  • Infra-Knife S-Class upgrade module
  • Starship Shield S-Class upgrade module
  • Circuit Board (x2)
  • Compressed Indium Scraps (x3)
  • Subatomic Regulators
  • Spool of Nano-Cables
  • Storage Augmentation (x2)
  • Chromatic Metal (x2,928)

And do you want to know what the best part of all of this is? You can claim the ship for the first time by selecting your rewards from the Expedition Mode menu. You can then claim it a second time by going to the Nexus and claiming it from your Expedition Rewards. This will indeed add a second Golden Vector to your ship inventory (so long as you have an open slot for it). Note that this might be a bug, so the ability to do this probably won’t be around forever.

No Man's Sky - Golden Vortex

Oh, and unlocking the Golden Vector in your Expedition Mode file will automatically unlock it in all of your other save files.

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1 year ago

Could you give the Ship Seed code for those that didnt get to play the first season and get the ship ?

1 year ago
Reply to  Josh Wirtanen

Oh no you cant not unless its PC. Dang ok thanks

1 year ago
Reply to  Josh Wirtanen

there is a method a program here check it out you do require save wizard.

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