Ironsmith Medieval Simulator

If slaying dragons and storming castles is your thing, there are tons of Medieval fantasy games that will let you do those things. (I’m not going to talk about Elden Ring… I’m not going to talk about Elden Ring… I’m not…) Go out there and be a hero, while hoarding piles of gold. You might even spend some of that gold on fancy weapons and armor to better protect you from the danger ahead.

But someone has to stay behind and make those weapons and armor, right? Ironsmith Medieval Simulator by developer The EpicLore lets you be that person. No, not the hero; the person who stays behind to do the grunt work.

The launch trailer really hammers this idea home (see what I did there?). It talks of an ironsmith who made a deal with the devil for an ancient secret. He didn’t sell his own soul for it — no, he was too smart (and unscrupulous) for that — he sold his son’s soul instead. Just as you’re getting ready to expect some demon-filled dark fantasy game, the narrator proclaims, “Luckily, your father is just an ordinary ironsmith.”

The trailer does this again and again, giving you hints at what other characters might be doing, or imagining they’re doing, while you stay back and make nails and swords and horseshoes.

Just like the classic meme says:

It's Honest Work

If slaying dragons and fighting Medieval battles is too much for you, this might be more of your jam. Or if you just want to de-stress after a long session in Elden Ring (goshdarnit, I talked about it…), this is a game that will keep your head in the Medieval world while giving you some respite from the dangers such a world presents.

Here’s a list of features from a press release that went out today:

  • Learn and unlock new skills, and choose skill paths.
  • Trade to earn gold, stock up on resources.
  • Craft tools, items, weapons, and armors. Everything can be modified or decorated.
  • Take part in the life of a town based on classic RPGs in a sandbox environment.
  • Assemble medieval weapons, armors, and tools
  • Visuals taken with a grain of salt that are somewhat of a unique look at the Middle Ages

I promise you, I just copy/pasted those feature bullets. Even the ad copy tells you to take the visuals with a grain of salt…

Ironsmith Medieval Simulator is available on Steam right the heck now. It will normally go for $9.99, but it’s currently on sale for $5.99, saving you four whole bucks. So if you’re looking to pound some hot iron, you’ll want to pick this one up while this sale lasts. Strike while the iron is hot, as they say…

And if you’re not sure you want to drop 6 simoleons on this game quite yet, there’s also a free prologue that you can dabble with for a bit. You can also check out the launch trailer below.

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