In Coromon, you’ll need to get through the Pyramid of Darudic to reach the third titan: Sart, Bender of Sands. On the way, you’ll encounter a completely optional puzzle where you have to arrange a bunch of gems around a table.

There are eight gems, and eight clues. To prevent you from needing to interact with each clue over and over again, here are all eight:

  • Orange wants Red as immediate neighbour.
  • Purple does not want to sit at a corner.
  • Blue wants Orange as immediate neighbour.
  • Green wants to face Red.
  • Red wants to sit at a corner.
  • Turquoise wants to face Blue.
  • Magenta does not want Green as immediate neighbour.
  • Yellow wants to face Magenta.

Now, there are actually two solutions to this puzzle (which are mirror images of each other), but only one of them works. Here’s a picture of the correct solution (minus the final yellow gem).


The top of the table is:

  • Yellow

The left hand side of the table is:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Blue

The right hand side of the table is:

  • Green
  • Purple
  • Turquoise

The bottom of the table is:

  • Magenta

When you get it right, the wall on the north end will open up and reveal five treasure chests. What’s in them? Here’s a complete list:

Chest 1

  • Sur Fruit x2
  • Chaik Fruit x2
  • Mais Fruit x2

Chest 2

  • HP Cake (L) x3

Chest 3

  • Cowboy Hat

Chest 4

  • SP Cake (L) x3

Chest 5

  • Ras Fruit x2
  • Pix Fruit x2
  • Sopo Fruit x2

And that’s how you solve the gem puzzle in the Pyramid of Darudic in Coromon!

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