Stray - Neon Sign

Stray features its own code language, and a good deal of the text in the game uses it. That means you won’t be able to read a lot of this text until you decode this fictional language. Thankfully, I’ve done all the work, and I’ve cracked the game’s code language.

How did I manage to do this? Well, I started with the chapter titles, and I began decoding those. Since those are written in both the code language and English, it was a decent place to start. However, I should point out that those titles don’t always match the English subtitles. For example, the chapter subtitled “The Slums” is actually called “Home: Slums Part One.”

Stray - Home: The Slums Part One

Beyond that, the music sheets are all titled in this language. When you give these music sheets to Morusque, he will tell you the title of the piece. However, there are also some mismatched translations here as well. There’s a piece of music that’s clearly titled “Come On,” but Morusque calls it “Cool Down.”

Stray - Come On

Even with these inconsistencies, though, I was able to work out each letter of the alphabet. I whipped up a translation guide, though I apologize it looks sloppy. I was taking text from the game, then pasting it into an image file and removing the color to make it somewhat readable. Since these letters come from various sources in the game, they are going to be pretty inconsistent.

Stray - Code

Also, there are two variants of P. As people have been pointing out, there’s also a version of E that has the middle stem removed and the top and bottom of the letter even.

And a shoutout to John Small Berries in the comments for discovering the Q symbol, and DewiMorgan for discovering the X.

I have to say, once you can read the in-game text, the world really comes alive. You can then decode the game’s graffiti, neon signs, and posters on your own. Of course, the translations always come out slightly wonky.

For example, what does the TV in the bar say?

Stray - Bar TV


In a VIP ticket for

If you want to live in clean city just

This newspaper header:

Stray - Droids News

Says “Droids News.”

This bag:

Stray - Best Bag

says, “Best Bag,” for whatever reason.

This soda machine:

Stray - Soda Machine

Raffle prizes

Only this summer

Special price — Blue Twelve

This wanted poster:

Stray - Wanted



I don’t really know what that text means, but that’s what it says.

Now, are you interested in what the neon sign at the top of this article says? That actually says “SHOP” but it’s rotated 180 degrees for whatever reason. Here’s what it looks like when you rotate it:

Stray - Shop

Now, I should point out that there are multiple written languages in the game, but the only one I’ve made sense of is the one used in the chapter title screens. I eventually realized that a lot of the hand-painted words are just the same word used over and over again.

For example, this sign says “Grandma’s Clothing:”

Stray - Grandma's Clothing

But this sign, with the same text, says “The Market Place:”

Stray - The Market Place

This one is the same text, only upside-down, and it says “Time will tell:”

Stray - Time will tell

What’s even wilder is that Momo’s letter is just this same batch of text, only flipped and rotated a bunch of times:

Stray - Momo's Note

Once I realized this, I gave up on translating the other bits of text, because it doesn’t seem like they actually mean anything.

But I did decipher (almost) the entire written language that does make sense, so I’ll consider this one a win…

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John Small Berries
John Small Berries
1 year ago

In this screenshot, the Q is the first character on the yellow poster on the right of the corner (under the protruding sign written in the second alphabet, with the numbers “7899.000.01.87” on it).

It’s also on the sign under the skull sticker, the first character on the fifth line of text.

In addition to P, there are also alternate characters for E, H, and Y; I still haven’t found X yet (though since most of the posters are just greeked “lorem ipsum” text, I’m hoping it’s lurking in there somewhere since it occurs thrice in the standard version).

John Small Berries
John Small Berries
1 year ago
Reply to  Josh Wirtanen

The alternate H is visible in the neon “SHOP” sign that you have in this post – a non-neon version of it can be seen on various vending machines, on the label to the right of the keypad in the word “FIVEMONTHS”. (Basically instead of a dot between one full-height vertical bar and one half-height vertical bar, it’s a line drawn from the dot’s position to the top of the half-height bar).

comment image

I’ll try to take a screenshot of the alternate Y when I see it again (it was on the lighted floor sign that said “COLD BEER – BAR – TASTY FOOD”), but the dot has been turned into a short horizontal line, and the vertical line to the left of the dot is disconnected from the rest of the glyph below it. But you’re probably right that it’s a stylistic font difference.

DewiMorgan has already described the X, but here’s a screenshot of it:

comment image

Tony Lee
Tony Lee
1 year ago
Reply to  Josh Wirtanen

i found the alternate y on that same sign. on the bottom it says tasty food.

1 year ago has the X described in the comments (which is U with an umlaut).
The sign you see translated variously is “tricoteuse”, which means “knitting woman”. It was likely originally intended only for the “grandma’s clothing” sign. The same string, with the ‘e’ at the end chopped off, is also used for “safezone”.

1 year ago

It seems that you haven’t found the V yet, have you?
Well, as I was watching some Jacksepticeye Gameplay of Stray, I was able to make out the letter:
When you first go looking for Doc, the text “SAVE” can be made out:
Then later, when you first visit Antvillage, the bottom text also reads “Antvillage”:
Leaving us with this character as the letter V:
(Please ignore the red dots on the images, I hate the Snipping Tool)

1 year ago
Reply to  Josh Wirtanen

Your J is actually an alternate E! It appears on a sign near the boat saying “Droid Toilet”

LA Lewis
LA Lewis
1 year ago

There are actually a lot of stylistic variants it seems. In Chapter 5 theres a sign that says “Frites. Burger Maison Votre. Avoloponte!” Where the B has both dots on the left hand side. Also a lot of background text is french.
Ive been trying to find a way to decipher the other language(s). One of them seems to maybe be pictographic.

Amber R.
Amber R.
1 year ago

I don’t know why but, I think the two “P” could be a similar spelling as the uppercase and lowercase Greek alphabet (possibly different Unicode idea too) . the “P” is the face symbol (Uppercase), as the “p” could be the 2 dots/line/dash (lowercase). Although it could be the same case as the Grey/Gray spelling too, or the kind of spelling that involves in diacritics like “pókemon” or “pop” . IDK, It’s just a thought.

Last edited 1 year ago by Amber R.
1 year ago

I believe the shop sign is upside down because it’s a reused asset. If you look to the right, you’ll find the same sign rotated correctly. It might have been put there as and after thought.

Tony Lee
Tony Lee
1 year ago

i found the sign that has the alternate Y that everyone might be looking for

8 months ago

Hey! I’m aware this post is a year old by now, but I recently picked up the game again and started translating things whereever possible.
First I think I found an alternate version for the letter F! In that case the first text on this sign would say “Cafe”.

comment image

Furthermore I’ve seen a few signs that seem similar enough to the language, yet use some symbols that I haven’t seen translated yet. I’m just wondering if this is an actual language that just looks similar or if it could also be part of the language. So far I couldn’t find any clues though. Maybe someone else has thoughts on it..?

comment image
comment image

Last edited 8 months ago by Indasa
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